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Should the Prom Dance Game stay permanently?

Definately 0.17157258715952 17.2% [ 15930 ]
Yes but upgrade it! 0.56135362478055 56.1% [ 52120 ]
I Guess 0.1114521740067 11.1% [ 10348 ]
No 0.091031481900331 9.1% [ 8452 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.064590132152897 6.5% [ 5997 ]
Total Votes:[ 92847 ]
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We wants your opinions!

Should the Prom Dance Game be retooled into a permanent game on Gaia? We can't promise it'll happen right away, but if enough people demand it, it might be possible for us to rework it as a permanent Gaia game someday.
A sea of human meats undulating in a semi rhythmic mating ritual? How...exciting. How better to pick out a potential mate than to observe which human hair monster can "break it down" the hardest.

I feel that the dance is an adequate way to spend time and earn gold. However I would request a way to play...alone. While I am fully confident in my dancing abilities, many meat people would not understand the complex dance moves. It would save both on confusion and...social anxiety if I were able to dance...alone....without people watching...by myself.
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I don't see why not. :3
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OMG yea but get better songs... gosh the ones that are there are a snorefest
I think it should, but with upgrades. ^^
*shrugs* why not, just update the prizes on a regular basis ^^
I won't play it but if others will, why not?
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It's a good game so it'd be nice to have it stay. However, I'd want more music. I'm already sick of these songs. xD
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Kepp it it is fun!
I love it!
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Yes, of course. But it does need to be upgraded.
Private Rooms, New Songs, Maybe more room themes.
(I'd like to see the rooms we have stick around though. XD)
Maybe a few tweaks to ease lag, etc.
You could even put dance clubs in Battle, or into towns.

Also, to everyone reading this, thinking of PMing me, that I don't already know, Just Don't. Please.
I don't want my inbox getting swamped.
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yay first page! XD i say yes! i think it's fun <3 but there's always room for improvements 3nodding
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yes, then i would get to play it some time, i can' t play it right now, so sad sad
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Yes but I think it needs better music. Having a flash based dance game would be very nice though. I'm really bummed that I have dial up because I only played one song. I think if I had a faster connection I could've played more. : )
Seems like it would be a decent idea. No reason to put all that hard work to waste. Also, it seems to be a game that could be updated easily, I.E. add more songs.

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