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Who is your favorite pet on Gaia?

KiKi Kitty 0.17800794893412 17.8% [ 19214 ]
CoCo Kitty 0.20848812755353 20.8% [ 22504 ]
MoMo the Monkey 0.079702424517552 8.0% [ 8603 ]
Mochi the Puppy 0.07442166408805 7.4% [ 8033 ]
Rock Puppy 0.073346983018186 7.3% [ 7917 ]
Grunny 0.15946043598699 15.9% [ 17212 ]
Water Meat 0.052779810819074 5.3% [ 5697 ]
RoRo the Robo Puppy 0.020511585247223 2.1% [ 2214 ]
Kaya the Cat / Benny the Puppy 0.065166436598449 6.5% [ 7034 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.088114583236828 8.8% [ 9511 ]
Total Votes:[ 107939 ]
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We wants your opinions!

Who is your favorite pet on Gaia?
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my favorite is actually the experiment, but i'll wait to say that for sure until i see what this little mass of tentacles and eyes is in the end.

my favorite 'pet' would be my coco Meryl. not sure if she actually counts as a pet, since she's technically a plushie. though she is an animated plushie, so it might work (going to have to watch her when the MMO comes out to make sure she doesn't get an army of lawn gnomes and tries to launch an invasion).
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Coco kitty...
1. I have one
2. Black cats are awsome

EDIT: XD first Gwee protester!!!! ^_^ I love that lil dragon so much..........................it was one of the original pets, HE DESERVES A POLL SPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scream crying
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Obsessive Lover

My Gwee and you forgot him scream scream
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Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion.

Coco! I love black cats.
1st Page...woo!

You must first set yourself on fire.
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I fancy it be a tie between ‘Kaya’ and ‘MoMo’; should I, however, be forced to choose just one, I’d most probably pick the former, quite simply because it is, at present, cheaper, or, rather, less exceedingly expensive.

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I love the Grunny. no Doubt.

"If you've got a dream, don't wait. Act. One of life's little rules. Got it memorized?"
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I would say...

Gock Guppy!

[Grunny + Rock Puppy] My two favorite pets! X3
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Whichever one is edible. mrgreen
As weird as it may sound, I LOVE the water meats xd
I think my favorite is MoMo.
I would have to say CoCo Kitty.
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Grunny. It's so adorably evil. XD

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