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Which newer NPC would you like to see in Gaia's next storyline?

Lance (Cash Shop delivery man) 0.088705602233699 8.9% [ 10357 ]
Flynn (Cash Shop proprietress) 0.046506847555179 4.7% [ 5430 ]
Dr. Singh & Timmy (evolving item experts) 0.27265174679034 27.3% [ 31834 ]
Devin (Tattoo artist) 0.15608486000839 15.6% [ 18224 ]
Natasha (Skin Tyte clerk) 0.14414553303014 14.4% [ 16830 ]
None of them! We want more Liam/Ian/Edmund, etc! 0.17299176923011 17.3% [ 20198 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.11891364115214 11.9% [ 13884 ]
Total Votes:[ 116757 ]
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I vote for...uhh...CHEWBACCA!!!
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tatoo artist
Meh, someting new.
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Inquiring minds want to know:

Who shot Gambino?
wassup friends!
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I demand more Timmy!

Seriously, though, Lance and/or Flynn wouldn't be a bad idea. They could use some flushing out. Lance is kind of just there. Give him a decent personality. surprised
I want all of them.
I'd really like to see a storyline that involves all the new ones...since we really don't get to see much of their personalities.
I'd also like to see some of the older more neglected characters get some story time
like Peyo, Ruby, Vanessa,etc

I absolutely love Liam and Ian, but I feel they and some others have had a lot of storyline action as it is. So perhaps take a break with them and try some new ones. There are so many interesting characters on this site and we've barely scratched the surface of who they are and what they're about.

I wish there was a way to get EVERYONE into the next storyline
even for a little bit :3
eh i like the time and dr.watever her name there must be a good story in them i mean cmon g corp is envolved ITS WOULD BE AWESOME FOR THEM TO JOIN OR MAKE A STORYLINE biggrin
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lol, liam

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lance, he's like that delivery man a house wife can have an affair with, lol

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