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Which newer NPC would you like to see in Gaia's next storyline?

Lance (Cash Shop delivery man) 0.088724109291115 8.9% [ 10362 ]
Flynn (Cash Shop proprietress) 0.046519792103708 4.7% [ 5433 ]
Dr. Singh & Timmy (evolving item experts) 0.27259416554641 27.3% [ 31836 ]
Devin (Tattoo artist) 0.15613627995787 15.6% [ 18235 ]
Natasha (Skin Tyte clerk) 0.14412316228412 14.4% [ 16832 ]
None of them! We want more Liam/Ian/Edmund, etc! 0.17297005711154 17.3% [ 20201 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.11893243370523 11.9% [ 13890 ]
Total Votes:[ 116789 ]
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We wants your opinions!

Which newer NPC would you like to see in Gaia's next storyline?
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NO new guys.Just the old NPCs
At this point, I'm almost to the point of not especially caring WHO's in the plotline, so long as there IS one!!!

I'd love to see some old plot holes/cliffhangers addressed though...the last plotline had soooo many things left unexplored! More exploration into the characters involved there would be good. On the other hand, Singh and Timmy almost have their own mini plotline going as it is...it'd be interesting to see that go 'mainstream', story-wise.


OMGoodness, I just realized I was second to post and fourth to vote. O_O This makes me feel special! I'm on the ball! Huzzah! XD
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I'd really love to see some plot with Natasha or Devin in it... I like these NPC's but I don't really know much about them. While I know everyone is gonna be all for the old plots, I'd love some fresh faces mixed into it.

That said I wouldn't mind Flynn, or Lance.

Ya know what?


any plot update would be good... yeah... I'm all for plot update in general.
Inquiring minds want to know:

Who is Peyo's father?
there is no all button!!! why is there no all choice?
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Can all of them be an option? XD

*Loves this Poll*

Um... I'd say Natasha. She has potential. I'd also like to see some of the more neglected NPCs in the plot. Josie, Rina, Leon, Ruby, Peyo, Becky, Lex, Jinx, and Russel Ace.

A bit less Liam.

Edmund is cool though.
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TIMMY!!!! I want timmy!
PLOTLINE!!!!!!!!!! scream

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Totally want some Lance hotness. heart I'll take that package, thanks!
Vive la plotline!
0.o Holy cow first page...cool!

All my tears...
All my love...
All of me...
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I'm more for the older NPCs. XD
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xD All needs to be an option.
Like somebody said, Timmy and Dr. Singh already have a sub-plot going, so maybe other NPC's can be added in?
But, ANY plotline is good for me.
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I would take all of them!
Curse you Gaia and your hard choices. D=

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