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What is your favorite subject in school?

Math 0.11418056319101 11.4% [ 7477 ]
Science 0.11312687068597 11.3% [ 7408 ]
English 0.10457516339869 10.5% [ 6848 ]
Physical Education 0.070353063343718 7.0% [ 4607 ]
Art 0.26840144157351 26.8% [ 17576 ]
Foreign Language 0.055647180990776 5.6% [ 3644 ]
History 0.072277197483355 7.2% [ 4733 ]
Music 0.1172042025533 11.7% [ 7675 ]
OOHH EEEE AHHH 0.084234316779671 8.4% [ 5516 ]
Total Votes:[ 65484 ]
Science, Art and music are just heart heart heart heart
History and science were the most fun for me.
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I hated everything to do with school, equally.
Art is my favorite subject because I am able to do whatever I want in the class and can take projects home and have a "free" period.

But that's also because the past art teachers I have had are extremely nice.
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As tiny and weak as I am, I am good at physical education sweatdrop
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What is your favorite subject in school?

gaia_spoons Curious Temptation x GU gaia_spoons

Um, I don't see Legal studies,
or Business, or Economics, or
Graphics ><"
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I like Science and Spanish class. Now that my art teacher that everyone despised has retired and I have a new awesome art teacher, art is up there as well. I would say music because I like band, only I don't like the actual music class. We went through three teachers in three years because they kept getting full-time jobs somewhere else, and only the first teacher was any good.
If paranormal investigation was one I would've picked that... Too bad it's too silly to be a school subject in high schools. burning_eyes
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Definitely a tie between art,math,and science for me but i have to go with art

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