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What is your favorite subject in school?

Math 0.11402400985956 11.4% [ 7494 ]
Science 0.11330888729973 11.3% [ 7447 ]
English 0.10466655508726 10.5% [ 6879 ]
Physical Education 0.070203733852685 7.0% [ 4614 ]
Art 0.26858177502549 26.9% [ 17652 ]
Foreign Language 0.05565783667818 5.6% [ 3658 ]
History 0.072242593916894 7.2% [ 4748 ]
Music 0.11705186920865 11.7% [ 7693 ]
OOHH EEEE AHHH 0.084262739071558 8.4% [ 5538 ]
Total Votes:[ 65723 ]
art is a bang smile boom
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razz i like art
Art classes are very enjoyable and I find English class kind of entertaining as well ^w^
Man I am physical education person any day of the week. I love P.E.!!! whee
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Ancient Greek and Latin and Greek/Roman History xd
Hm...well, i like English this year, and last year, too, but mostly because of the awesome teachers we have. Science can be kind of cool...sometimes. I would pick foreign language, but i haven't actually had that class yet, because i only get that next year...but, from what i've heard, Latin is awesome, even though it's hard, so how about i go with that? xD
English, but not so much grammar as Literature, I love reading so I always got good grades and helped my friends with their homework XD
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We wants your opinions!

What is your favorite subject in school?
omgz!! theatre arts isnt up there D: *tear* oh well i guess english is my second fav then ;O
I'd have to say music guitar is only thjing i play mrgreen
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I sorta like school , because I get to see all of my friends ^_^ lol
I love art!!!!User Image
I vote for Science because it's very intresting but i like other subject to cause i love going to school but for me science is really fun biggrin
i like history

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