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What is your favorite subject in school?

Math 0.11371698856918 11.4% [ 7501 ]
Science 0.11320154028077 11.3% [ 7467 ]
English 0.1048482459598 10.5% [ 6916 ]
Physical Education 0.070040326248446 7.0% [ 4620 ]
Art 0.2688214426488 26.9% [ 17732 ]
Foreign Language 0.055744216366999 5.6% [ 3677 ]
History 0.072299202571177 7.2% [ 4769 ]
Music 0.11694612049362 11.7% [ 7714 ]
OOHH EEEE AHHH 0.084381916861223 8.4% [ 5566 ]
Total Votes:[ 65962 ]
I dont like history in genral but my history techer is funny so history gets my vote biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin ninja ninja
I would say art, because art is the least boring subject to me
Art biggrin
In my world, everyone's a pony!

PE is the greatest subject ever!
Well, that and drama...xD

And they all eat rainbows, and poop butterflies!
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I always liked English.....sadly too few people know how to speak it these days. eek

Speak or spell sweatdrop
if there was drama i would totally hands down pick it.
when i grow up i want to be an actress, but besides that
i like singing too so yea.

art ive tried so many times and i am okay at it but its not
my favorite thing.

Lol I graduated school a few years ago..
But I did enjoy art class! 3nodding heart
Wolfram Cecilia Ysud
pe hands down.dodgeball king rouge g-man!long live the king!
nice picture hotti mrgreen
ah, tough choice! i like music a lot, but math comes close too. oh well.
Art is nice, but normally we don't do projects I enjoy - I suck at painting!

Anyways, I chose English, because even though I hate big projects and reading boring books and taking tests and such, I love writing stories and poems. Woot! I do, after all, wish to be a writer some day, so I try my hardest to improve my writing skills!
Math scream LOL!
None! ;P I Hate School..


gym is the best my only free time becides lunch and breakfast
All about the music baby!!

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