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What is your favorite subject in school?

Math 0.11378672007769 11.4% [ 7499 ]
Science 0.11322529740228 11.3% [ 7462 ]
English 0.10477361009954 10.5% [ 6905 ]
Physical Education 0.070101966496723 7.0% [ 4620 ]
Art 0.26863316338917 26.9% [ 17704 ]
Foreign Language 0.055747754309298 5.6% [ 3674 ]
History 0.072317310026706 7.2% [ 4766 ]
Music 0.11701869385773 11.7% [ 7712 ]
OOHH EEEE AHHH 0.084395484340859 8.4% [ 5562 ]
Total Votes:[ 65904 ]
dang, i never make it to the first page burning_eyes

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Chinese, Independent Living, and Child Development.

So I just chose Foreign Language.
english, art, music, and physical. i voted art. pirate
English, I love it! It's the easiest subject at least for me! Or math because math is the same every where and its pretty simple once you learn the concepts.
English domokun
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Art class if I had took "Music History" it would be my favorite. (:
twisted *turns into a demonfox and eats monkey whole* domokun stupid monkey.
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science for sure!!!!!!! But I looooooooove art too. but I like to do art at home so I can relax, you know at school...ugh... stressed Gym is awesome too. I don't really heart math evil I don't like it... confused
math is quite easy, but not really my favorite i'd have to say gym because i like to be active

Wer glaubt das auch?
yea i like gym or physical education domokun whee wink surprised surprised surprised surprised surprised so yea um.... yea gym yea go gym rofl rofl
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I picked science but i like art and music too
art is the way to go heart


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