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What is your favorite subject in school?

Math 0.11371698856918 11.4% [ 7501 ]
Science 0.11320154028077 11.3% [ 7467 ]
English 0.1048482459598 10.5% [ 6916 ]
Physical Education 0.070040326248446 7.0% [ 4620 ]
Art 0.2688214426488 26.9% [ 17732 ]
Foreign Language 0.055744216366999 5.6% [ 3677 ]
History 0.072299202571177 7.2% [ 4769 ]
Music 0.11694612049362 11.7% [ 7714 ]
OOHH EEEE AHHH 0.084381916861223 8.4% [ 5566 ]
Total Votes:[ 65962 ]

We wants your opinions!

What is your favorite subject in school?
None! ;P I Hate School..

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Art, too bad drama(Performing Arts) isn't up there
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Art, hands down!

I like to draw things!

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Has to be Music or anything with the performing arts, nothing physical for me!

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biology doesn't get it's own category?
i'd say science, but me and physics don't get along too well. and i'm not fond of organic chemistry.
but give me a good biology or marine science class, then i'll be happy.

generally, i'll take a math or science class over a humanities class...except art. i like art class.
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Art and/or Science.
Mostly Art though.
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Music, but science comes in as a close second. ♥
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Hmm I suppose I don't have a favorite subject. When I was in school I liked the following for various reasons.

I liked English because I love books. I have probably 2000 or so books. I like reading alot of different books from Harry Potter to Boy meets boy to The One last Wish series by Lurlene Mcdaniel. I learned all about Poe and Arthur Conan Doyle and watched great expectations in English classes and loved it. I also enjoy listening to the Green Mile on audio books. :3

I liked certain Foreign Language classes particularly Latin. I loved learning about Rome and all its Emperors. I also enjoyed learning about all the mythology.One of my favorite stories is the one about Icarus.

I lastly but not leastly enjoyed certain History Classes. I enjoy learning about the wars particularly the war against Britain. I love movies like Johnny Tremain and The Patriot and so many others because I enjoy learning about what America was built on even if there was alot of blood shed and such. I also like watching documentaries.

Overall I chose English. :3

Oh and the subjects I hated the most were Child development because my teacher was a witch and I didn't want to teach a bunch of children stupid stuff while this nasty woman with no kids or a husband was really mean to them. I still Aced the class without participating so Hmph!

I also hated Gym for the fact that well we're sitting on Gaia so that should tell you we prefer our bums in chairs. rofl Physical Exertion and me don't mix. whee

Down With Effort! Up With Tacos! I Mean Hi. ninja
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Art (I did my own sig)
Although some science, history, music, pe, etc is really cool too!
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Art all the way....
well that was when i was in school!!! rofl

i love art with a passion and it was the only subject I could relax in and be myself!

I never got into music or anything else because I was just not good at it >.<

heart But Art is Great!!!!!!!!!!!! heart
heart heart Show love for Art!!!!!!!!!!!! heart heart
Definetly art. Its my only class that lets me express myself, and that never has homework.

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