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What day do you think the Cash Shop should be updated?

Monday 0.26568685574404 26.6% [ 27785 ]
Tuesday 0.041853927212224 4.2% [ 4377 ]
Wednesday 0.11383847463138 11.4% [ 11905 ]
Thursday 0.058616535026487 5.9% [ 6130 ]
Friday 0.25686090764788 25.7% [ 26862 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.26314329973799 26.3% [ 27519 ]
Total Votes:[ 104578 ]
Lulz Wtf Robo Dejavu. heart

I think the Cash Shop should be updated like Friday since thats the day people get paid. :3 Though wednesday could be a good day too you know mid-week. 3nodding

With that said I think the Cash Shop is getting a bit out of hand. The Valentine's day item hasn't been released and the Easter event is really like wtfs going on? Plus the cash shops getting expensive. I personally have to work for my items by posting and polling and can't afford to buy Gaia Cash so it's getting really hard to keep up. So a NPC store update would be nice because those items don't get removed and stay their price or are sold for less in the market so I could keep up with them. I mean its hard enough buying monthly letters at 20k and then to have to buy all the Gaia Cash stuff at high prices is crazy..
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I say Thursday! Poor Thursday, so little happens on Thursdays it must feel unloved crying
ohhh ehhh ahhhh............ confused
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stare Friday, friday! Gotta get down on friday...
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I'm with anything!
Monday or Friday
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friday so i can get down yeahhh!
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The beginning of the week sounds good to me.
Thursday blaugh
I really don't think it matters too much. I mean...Monday seems fine...but I don't want to pressure the Gaia staff...or rush them...it's whenever they get around to it, you know? As soon as possible.
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WTF Robo
When indeed? I am still truly amazed that you meat puppies are able to work around your meaningless schedules.
Shall we reveal these new biological abominations on Monday? Is Tuesday the best day to unveil the ever changing meaty items? Should we wait till Wednesday to thrust this glop of hyperactive cells to the various blood balloons who would take them? Can we truly stave off the invasion of superior robot super powers until Thursday? Can we possibly survive to update the shop on Friday?

My answer is Monday. After all, the items you work so hard on will not go unnoticed as various casualties pile up along the week if you do not announce them early. Besides if you meat sacks were meant to survive to the end of the week, you would spend more time developing weapons to wage war with. Just imagine a squishy pink human trying to fight off a metallic gladiator armed only with an orindae in a jar. How humorous.

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