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What day do you think the Cash Shop should be updated?

Monday 0.26570750746154 26.6% [ 27776 ]
Tuesday 0.041861177010791 4.2% [ 4376 ]
Wednesday 0.11383638172496 11.4% [ 11900 ]
Thursday 0.058620953547103 5.9% [ 6128 ]
Friday 0.25684931506849 25.7% [ 26850 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.26312466518711 26.3% [ 27506 ]
Total Votes:[ 104536 ]
wow u wrote alot! ninja
I think Mon. because that's the first day of the week! Hehe dramallama cool 3/30/08
I'm not fussed. xd
emo eek confused cool lol cool mad razz cry evil twisted rolleyes exclaim question idea arrow neutral mrgreen ninja 4laugh rofl pirate talk2hand burning_eyes cheese_whine dramallama i think that cash should be apdated every day biggrin twisted twisted twisted twisted biggrin biggrin biggrin smile redface crying stare xd 3nodding gonk stressed sweatdrop heart domokun xp whee xp wink sad surprised
wat are u guys purting in the shops wen u up grade it dramallama dramallama domokun domokun

i'd be a nice start to my week lol
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5,900 Points
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i rellay don't care emo
monday!!!wo0ot wo0o0t
ducky_15's avatar

550 Points
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  • Member 100
  • Gaian 50
voix silencieuse's avatar

Shy Strawberry

I seriously dunno so OHH EEHH AHH goes another vote^-^ sweatdrop
Fridaaaaay! blaugh
monday wo0o0ot wo0o0ot
i think ohhhh eeeeeee ahhhhhhhh

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