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What day do you think the Cash Shop should be updated?

Monday 0.2657100492658 26.6% [ 27776 ]
Tuesday 0.041861577462094 4.2% [ 4376 ]
Wednesday 0.11382790452958 11.4% [ 11899 ]
Thursday 0.058621514325346 5.9% [ 6128 ]
Friday 0.25685177213374 25.7% [ 26850 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.26312718228345 26.3% [ 27506 ]
Total Votes:[ 104535 ]
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i dont give a crap wen it should be updated because it is stupid u have to buy cash just to buy something from the stupid its so gay and ur a noob if u dont buy some stupid thing u dont even need it makes most people look stupid the stuff people wear looks like there mantal they put way to many items on themself do u rlly need it i dont think so scream scream scream scream scream
monday just makes life easier.
Mondays would be great seeing that its the beginning of the week (and probably the most hated day), we should at least make people excited about Mondays.
i think Monday because it's the beginnig of a new weekand it should be the beginning of some new items!!
Hmmmm Well Even though i do not Have a Gaia Cash Card (I know i know i'm Getting one soon don't worry!) My opinion is Friday because Friday is allways a kinda "Special Day" You know, No School, New episodes of stuff, Days Stores at the Mall get 50% off mrgreen
Rubai Sora's avatar

Tiny Detective

Friday. Great way to end the week. Nya~
4laugh i luv fridays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rofl
i thank that yall suld put new ideams for the 25 gaiacash stuff
hola peoples!!!! i said monday 3nodding . altho, i dont buy from the cash shop so i guess my opinion doesnt matter anyways xd
burning_eyes WTFHM burning_eyes

IT MEENS.......................WUT THE F*** HI MOM.........But SHHHHHHHHH it a secret
any day is good if they are going to send out news letters
Me think Tuesday, mostly because it's not Monday.
i think the cash shop should be terminated and the items should be put in shops stressed
i got the gwee from a friend....

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