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Are you concerned with how a potential recession would affect your family?

A lot 0.22193146070544 22.2% [ 23916 ]
A little 0.2039475515715 20.4% [ 21978 ]
Vaguely 0.096201850356801 9.6% [ 10367 ]
Not At all 0.060920724181769 6.1% [ 6565 ]
Hadn't thought about it 0.24322819520615 24.3% [ 26211 ]
I'm way too rich to care 0.033295286879541 3.3% [ 3588 ]
OOHH EEEE AHHH 0.1404749310988 14.0% [ 15138 ]
Total Votes:[ 107763 ]
[If your life had a face...]

Feels like it's always a recession.

[...I would punch it.]
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Hehehe blaugh
I hope we can balance our economic issues.....
It affects us all
i think if we just start shopping smart, and not spend a lot of money on unneeded wars we would be fine
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i hadnt really thought about it, but yeah i care
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Obama needs to do more for our country. WE HAVE 16 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT!!! There's a counter online that's counting our debt! crying Aren't you alittle embarassed? redface This isn't a little credit card debt, scream as some people like to think it is. If every single american (newborn baby to almost-dead granny), like, $200,000 our debt would be gone. But, of cousre, stressed obama would just keep spending money our country doesn't have. Quit trying to help other countries, Obama! evil THIS country needs a president! talk2hand One that will lead us, but not one that will lead us into another Great Depression! wahmbulance
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recession? lml im havin to much fun to notice!
wdg6yk bump .

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