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Are you concerned with how a potential recession would affect your family?

A lot 0.22193768672642 22.2% [ 23920 ]
A little 0.2039655588339 20.4% [ 21983 ]
Vaguely 0.09620701812986 9.6% [ 10369 ]
Not At all 0.060921523873147 6.1% [ 6566 ]
Hadn't thought about it 0.24320362226057 24.3% [ 26212 ]
I'm way too rich to care 0.033290653008963 3.3% [ 3588 ]
OOHH EEEE AHHH 0.14047393716714 14.0% [ 15140 ]
Total Votes:[ 107778 ]
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I don't have a family to be concerned about.
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Dapper Genius

I'm worried about how the raise in gas prices will affect the inflation. It could end up in another depression. The adding of VISA stocks and Google stocks are helping keep us out of a major economy let down
Not very much.
I never really noticed, really xD
O.O monkey is flipping me off crying

Not terribly worried. o:
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Liberal Humorist

Hadn't thought about it.
why are these questions getting asked ?
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I am a lil conserned about it but ill have to take the time to see what will happen...
Eh not really, what happens happens
Im a little concerned... but not a lot cuz I live in Canada.
im a little too ric to care blaaaaaa
Not at all, Norway is secure enough I don't think we will get hit too hard with the problems in the US

I was gonna start a retail business this year, but what with the recession going on, I wouldn't have customers.

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