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Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

Clinton 0.14375010487809 14.4% [ 17133 ]
Obama 0.34411759770443 34.4% [ 41014 ]
McCain 0.0703438323293 7.0% [ 8384 ]
Huckabee 0.032151427181045 3.2% [ 3832 ]
Paul 0.022813082073398 2.3% [ 2719 ]
Nader 0.013223029550451 1.3% [ 1576 ]
Lanzer the Great 0.1351836625107 13.5% [ 16112 ]
OOHH EEEE AHHH 0.23841726377259 23.8% [ 28416 ]
Total Votes:[ 119186 ]
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Lanzer ftw! scream
But in all seriousness, I have hardly any interest in politics. XD
The only candidates I really know about are Obama and Clinton. BD;

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Clinton! Her in office means her husband back in the white house, and he was a GREAT president. Kept everything under control.

And he's a nice guy. I've met him several times. ^^

And Obama kind of scares me, b/c on one vote he decided to remain neutral on something, saying "I don't agree with either." But a president has to be willing to make decisions!
Yami Takashi
Clinton because we need a woman in office, and i don't trust a guy who requests to be sworn in by the Karan when we're in a war against followers of Islam.

Talk about being racist and sexist !!!
Why does it matter if he is following his own religion for goodness sake there isnt anything wrong with that. Plus why do we need a woman in office?
whats with obama? why does everyone like obama so much?
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I put down Clinton because I think its time to try a female. But honestly, this is hardly a list to choose one, if you know what I mean.
whats the matter with following your own religion? its wrong thats why!
To be honest I don't care... *shrugs*
I'm British, but who cares, yeah?
That's right.
No one.
I've decided that my political opinions don't hold much of a card when it comes to elections being that I'm younger than 18 and frankly sick of political debating about stupid things which have easy fixes. So I'm all Nader
neutral Pick your poison when it comes to choosing the next president. *Yawns* Just leanback and watch the world crumble...
- Human Pride -
invisable jill
whats with obama? why does everyone like obama so much?

I don't think it's all just that. I think part of it is that some people hate Clinton.
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much as i like obama (and i do 3nodding ), men have run this country for over 200 years - it's time for a WOMAN to be commander-in-chief, so..go Hillary, GO!!! whee

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