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Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

Clinton 0.14373804490084 14.4% [ 17133 ]
Obama 0.3441055068962 34.4% [ 41016 ]
McCain 0.070337930803047 7.0% [ 8384 ]
Huckabee 0.032157119366422 3.2% [ 3833 ]
Paul 0.022819557703279 2.3% [ 2720 ]
Nader 0.013221920198664 1.3% [ 1576 ]
Lanzer the Great 0.13517232121883 13.5% [ 16112 ]
OOHH EEEE AHHH 0.23844759891272 23.8% [ 28422 ]
Total Votes:[ 119196 ]
i vote we elect the ninja cat who hides in the grass as president of the united states and chuck norris as his VP
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Ugh ><. I bet every one is going to vote for Clinton or Obama just because they're all over TV.
Obama would be nice. He has the charisma, and he isn't stupid about things.

Either way, we're gonna have him or Hilary, and that's gonna be a huuuuge thing for America.
My mom says if Hilary Clinton becomes president we're moving to Canada. I dn't want to move again Dx
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Can you feel your heartbeat racing?

Clinton or Obama would both be assassinated, and McCain would die in office. Paul has what, ONE delegate and Nader... Well, I won't get into that. Go Huckabee!

Can you taste the fear in her sweat?
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clinton because we need a woman in office, and i don't trust a guy who requests to be sworn in by the Karan when we'lre in a war against followers of islam.
I can't vote, but I say Obama. He seems like smart enough guy. We need a smart president. I don't think America is ready for the CLinton tag team.
Too young to vote but im a proud supporter for Obama
id preferr obama
Now i'm not a Hilary Basher, in fact i believe she's a very smart woman, but i like Obama's Ideas more than Hillary's, Now i have to admit she has some good ideas too, but She's a bit to wishy washy, at first she supports some thing then all of sudden she puts in down than goes back to supporting it. while Obama keeps Steady with his word, which is why almost all the other candidates are going after him because they can see he poses as a BIG threat to the the rest of them.

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I'm voting Santa Clause.

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