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Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

Clinton 0.14373804490084 14.4% [ 17133 ]
Obama 0.3441055068962 34.4% [ 41016 ]
McCain 0.070337930803047 7.0% [ 8384 ]
Huckabee 0.032157119366422 3.2% [ 3833 ]
Paul 0.022819557703279 2.3% [ 2720 ]
Nader 0.013221920198664 1.3% [ 1576 ]
Lanzer the Great 0.13517232121883 13.5% [ 16112 ]
OOHH EEEE AHHH 0.23844759891272 23.8% [ 28422 ]
Total Votes:[ 119196 ]
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Yikes...so many votes for Obama! He's socialist in viewpoints and in Congress has stood for...nothing.

You voters scare me. crying
Where the country is now, I would say nearly any step is a step up...
Aye, Roy Mustang!

No actually. I support Obama because I think the government needs change. Hillary has been in politics too long. We need fresh faces.

...Why does Gaia care to know anyway? O_o
User ImageLanzar! scream

I'm too young to vote and am not in the US so I don't really care. xD
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Regretfully, I am not of voting age.
I have heard that Obama is good, but that is hardly a reason to vote for him.
If I cared, I would have researched his background and learned more about each candidate's goals and plans.
However, I don't care, so I don't care to vote.
Lanzer the great. B]

Naw I would probably vote for Obama, if I could. He just seems more productive than Hilary Clinton.
And if your
heart stops beating...

I dunno...I don't particularly like any of the candidates...
I think I'd vote for Hilary. I like her better than Obama.
But it doesn't matter anyway. I won't be 18 until a few weeks after election day. >.<
So...Lanzer for President! scream

User Image

...I'll be here wondering
Did you get what you deserve?
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Aye, Roy Mustang!

I'm glad someone shares my sentiments. :]
[NPC] Opinion Primate

We wants your opinions!

The primaries are heating up! Who would you support in the 2008 elections? If you're not in the USA or are too young to vote, you can still feel free to pick your favorite.

No creepy secret motives for asking! Answers not being reported to the CIA! Just curious!

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I'm voting for Obama...
Clinton will winn hopefuly
Does it really matter? I mean, I guess I'm a bit apathetic about current presidential matters.

Thusly, I vote for Mistar BANANNA. :3

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