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Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

Clinton 0.14373804490084 14.4% [ 17133 ]
Obama 0.3441055068962 34.4% [ 41016 ]
McCain 0.070337930803047 7.0% [ 8384 ]
Huckabee 0.032157119366422 3.2% [ 3833 ]
Paul 0.022819557703279 2.3% [ 2720 ]
Nader 0.013221920198664 1.3% [ 1576 ]
Lanzer the Great 0.13517232121883 13.5% [ 16112 ]
OOHH EEEE AHHH 0.23844759891272 23.8% [ 28422 ]
Total Votes:[ 119196 ]

We wants your opinions!

The primaries are heating up! Who would you support in the 2008 elections? If you're not in the USA or are too young to vote, you can still feel free to pick your favorite.

No creepy secret motives for asking! Answers not being reported to the CIA! Just curious!
I would prefer a ROBOT president, as he would be clearly superior to the human meat dishes currently running. Imagine a presidential candidate with no "dirt", no "hot topics", no "organs". Truly it would be a great day for all things! A president that would not waste time on frivolous things such as trade bills and social security. Instead he would be truly focused on what matters. ROBOTIC DOMINION OVER ORGANIC MEATS!
It matters not however, as in several years the ROBOTIC CONQUEST WILL FINALLY COME!

...possibly Obama? None of the candidates truly interest me.
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I hate politics. GREATLY. So I'd vote for my left foot. (Aka none of the above)
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I've been a Hillary Clinton supporter since she first announced that she was running, and I'm still behind her 100%.

Obama's too young, and too naive and inexperienced. Maybe in another 8 years, he could do a good job, but not now. The country's too off-balance to have an idealist in the office.
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scream Lanzer
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Well this is a rather interesting poll no doubt. I praise you guys for having the balls to ask us about who we would vote for. Me, I would vote for Obama. In fact I voted for him in the primaries. ^^
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I have very little interest in politics, and don't trust a single one of them. So, no votey for me.
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That solely depends on which candidate can demonstrate his ability to transform into a GIANT KILLER ROBOT!

And so far...the closest one of the candidates to do that is Kusinich.
I'm Canadian so it doesn't matter to me...lol
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I'm too young to vote and I'm not too interested in politics, but the cynic in me believes that regardless of who's elected, they'll be having serious problems. ninja


So let's say Obama.
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Sorry Lanzer... My favorite fire alchemy wielding military man gets my vote this year. :]

I'm voting for Obama based on his charisma, and his image. From the speeches I've had a chance to see he seems very passionate. Not saying Hilary can't get the job done but I have a good feeling about him. The only reason why I'd vote for Hilary would be to have Bill back in the office! XD I generally don't like talking about politics though. I'm in a Republican state so I know my vote won't matter much.

My opinion might change in the next weeks though. I still need to catch up on the "race."
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Actually, I dislike politics, and really don't want to vote. talk2hand
''99,99% of the politicians are people who make false promises.''
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Yikes...so many votes for Obama! He's socialist in viewpoints and in Congress has stood for...nothing.

You voters scare me. crying
Even though I'm not too into politics,
I've been leaning towards Obama and McCain.

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