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Which movie genre do you prefer?

SciFi 0.087113030957523 8.7% [ 19965 ]
Fantasy 0.17156445666165 17.2% [ 39320 ]
Western 0.0046032681021882 0.5% [ 1055 ]
Action/Adventure 0.14330780810262 14.3% [ 32844 ]
Comedy 0.2381133145712 23.8% [ 54572 ]
Romance 0.076374980910618 7.6% [ 17504 ]
Animated 0.159190173877 15.9% [ 36484 ]
Drama 0.032043981935991 3.2% [ 7344 ]
OOOHH EEEEEE AHHHHHHH 0.08768898488121 8.8% [ 20097 ]
Total Votes:[ 229185 ]
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Animation. I does bring light and good humour to my day. User Image
O____O Is that monkey flipping me the bird?



gonk not too fond of lovey dovey stuff unless it's a romantic comedy.

@_____@;; erm not a fan of drama either.

Maybe some musicals?
whatever i'm in the mood for

Bang 'em up shoot em BLOOD GORE EVERYWHERE!
Comedy (Including Romantic comedy), Fantasy and Terror. In order of preference, Thought I don't mind see Sci-fi, Animated or Suspense thrillers, I avoid Action. neutral
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Ruthless Fairy

It's hard to choose just one, I like westerns, action/adventure, comedy (not romantic), fantasy and science fiction.

If a comedic fantasy western adventure IN SPACE exists, I want to see it.
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Beloved Knight

I voted for "animated" - oldskool Disney, Pixar, American series, anime, all of the above.

But I'm also partial to fantasy, and to a lesser extent, sci-fi and action/adventure. 3nodding
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Dapper Entrepreneur

I like the Horror genre best, but anime, sci-fi, and fantasy are good too.

Siriah: Star Wars? XD
Animated is my first choice, but Anime, none of that Disney crap. That went down the drain a while ago, I think.

My second choice would be comedy, including parodies.

My third choice would be action and adventure.

Quick monkey! Throw your poop! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
I love fantasy and other genres.
I bit of comedy always cheers me up
(And is that monkey sticking it's middle finger up at me?)
animated and fantasy overall. :3
Comedy 3nodding
Blood and Guts... But...since horror isn't up there... Comedy. Anything with zombies really. O_o

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