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Which movie genre do you prefer?

SciFi 0.086927609906335 8.7% [ 19870 ]
Fantasy 0.17150594318863 17.2% [ 39203 ]
Western 0.0046066820951873 0.5% [ 1053 ]
Action/Adventure 0.14329274961611 14.3% [ 32754 ]
Comedy 0.23832689506127 23.8% [ 54477 ]
Romance 0.076419299941815 7.6% [ 17468 ]
Animated 0.15918208425022 15.9% [ 36386 ]
Drama 0.032080531627738 3.2% [ 7333 ]
OOOHH EEEEEE AHHHHHHH 0.087658204312694 8.8% [ 20037 ]
Total Votes:[ 228581 ]
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Fluffy Millionaire

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All about giant karate monsters!
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Tricky Treasure

Why is that monkey flipping me off?

I love Action/Adventure movies. The stupider the better, provided they're at least well-written and the protagonists aren't entirely obnoxious.
Comedy I'm really picky with. Unless it's funny and matches my inane sense of humour, I probably won't like it.
The only animated movies I seem to like these days are Pixar ones.
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Lavish Ladykiller

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[[ You Guys Left Out Musicals... They're Like.. The Best. ]]

[[ Musicals, Please! ]]

Wait... it's YOU! You're the one causing all the glitches and lag!


Nyo~~!! Gimme a Ba-na-na!!
Action/Adventure for me. I want to see some fists flying, cars exploding and cheesy dialog up in dis motha. :colbert:
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Desirable Prophet

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How did this flippin' monkey get here? xd
I prefer fantasy, but horror is great too (why isn't that in the poll?).
I also like comedies and some animated ones (Anime mostly) depending on where the creators are going with them sweatdrop
It's the same with Action/Adventure, it really depends on the kind of action (I prefer martial arts action myself)
I'm very picky with movies primate ninja
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Jeering Shapeshifter

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Science-fiction all the way, baby~ <3
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Versatile Businesswoman

Mixing Sci-Fi and Fantasy is best. 3nodding
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OOK exclaim
any fantasy,sci fi ,action /adventure and animated thing thats funny.
rare movies like the thief and the cobbler..Willow.

But uh. No horror/thriller option D8
So I picked Comedy.
But yeah, my favorites are
horror/thrillers, gorefests, and comedies. C:
Anything but action. ;O
No historical movies? I am displeased. whee

Honestly I like most genres equally if done well, although I'm somewhat less drawn to romance than the others. That's probably only because it's rarely done well, though.
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Comedy! Romance! Action/Adventure! 4laugh
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Aged Survivor

Sci-fi and Fantasy. Also Adventure.
By the way, can Opinion Primate become FMK's dad?

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