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Which movie genre do you prefer?

SciFi 0.087071182503679 8.7% [ 19942 ]
Fantasy 0.17155756207675 17.2% [ 39292 ]
Western 0.0046019971095616 0.5% [ 1054 ]
Action/Adventure 0.14329937868673 14.3% [ 32820 ]
Comedy 0.23815989975156 23.8% [ 54546 ]
Romance 0.076369574424423 7.6% [ 17491 ]
Animated 0.15919242373303 15.9% [ 36460 ]
Drama 0.032052429583768 3.2% [ 7341 ]
OOOHH EEEEEE AHHHHHHH 0.087695552130498 8.8% [ 20085 ]
Total Votes:[ 229031 ]

We wants your opinions!

Which movie genre do you prefer?
Fantasy.. I think. x3
Oooh, or Comedy. Or Animated.
... I can't decide. sweatdrop
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Dangerous Lunatic

I like them all really.. I have no preferred ones
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Comedys and dramas. smile
Movies are made by humans. They are useless in any form. A movie is simply created by humans as a way to enjoyably use their quickly diminishing time of functionality. Although it is wasted, as all human experiences will be lost to time and decay! Hark back, as humans are clearly inferior to their robot counterparts. Mechanical memory can be reloaded and placed in a different shell, allowing for near infinite function and memory!

...I prefer comedy...
Action/Adventure! (Especially chicks with guns cool )

...followed by Fantasy and Comedy~
Animation FTW. CG though for the lose. Disney totally destroyed my dreams. crying
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Fantasy, I guess. Or drama, now that Ling reset the poll. rofl
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Aged Glitch

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Horror movies ... but they are not in the poll ._.

The monkey no loves meh T-T

Horrible, horrible comedy.
Animation or thriller.
Action is the best...
but if its animated action that's even better!
Thanks monkey!
I love Fantasy and Action/Adventure equally. After that it would be Animations and after that Science Fiction. I do also like the occasional Horror Film, particularly ones involving vampires.

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