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Can your computer handle Gaia's Flash content?

No - my computer can't support Flash at all! 0.053313916317397 5.3% [ 1501 ]
Sometimes - I can run some Flash components, but I cannot get Gaia Towns or some Flash games to work! 0.13088726291113 13.1% [ 3685 ]
Mostly - I can run most Flash stuff, but zOMG gets slow or choppy! 0.36044611778078 36.0% [ 10148 ]
Yes! I can support it all! I have no trouble running any Flash games or zOMG! 0.33661291468353 33.7% [ 9477 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.11873978830717 11.9% [ 3343 ]
Total Votes:[ 28154 ]
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Durem Champion

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The desktop I'm on at the moment handles everything with ease, but my laptop (my charger is fried) can handle just about everything except zOMG.
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Sometimes - I can handle waiting for the flash games like slots and jigsaw to load.

But I'm on dialup. No zOMG for me, nor Towns, even if I wait the hours to let them load, my internet can't keep up.
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Obsessive Lover

Forgotten echoes are a sad thing. A really, really sad thing......

I can not get on aquarium or zOMG. When I try my computer freezes or browser closes down. Pinball and ELF runs very slowly so it is very hard to play. All other flash things works fine

.....Please, please do not let the echoes be forgotten
I have a laptop and it runs everything Gaia throws at it with VERY few problems. ZOMG was a bit of a resource hog, but it seems to be mellowing out. I lag sometimes, but that's because I'm trying to run scans, play ZOMG, check e-mail and listen to music.

Important Note: I have a gamer laptop. It is meant to have craploads of stuff shoved at it. I am more than pleased with it.
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I can handle everything that deals with Flash here. The only thing that I have trouble with are the lags with zOMG but it's not alot, just sometimes.
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It's weird. When I'm on my laptop, I can run most flash features but ZOMG lags unless there are barely anyone on the server. However, when I use a campus computer, everything runs perfect. I don't get how it's so since I'm connecting to the same network.
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Eh...it depends.

It likes running towns and games...but when we get over to the MMO, it's flat out bluescreening my computer. biggrin
»--♥Tired of crying...Sick of trying...
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My laptop was bought in Feb. 2008 so it handles flash great.

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Yeah I'm still smiling...But {inside} I'm dying♥--«
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★ ☆ ★

I have no issues with flash at all.
Sure, my laptop's fan is a little dodgy and it tends to get a little hot while playing zOMG. But games and any other flash games are fine.
My PC is perfectly capable of handling flash. :3

★ ☆ ★
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Yes, but not the halloween 2k7 event with the giant flash banner, that killed my computer over and over.
I'm like the opposite of most people. >: zOMG! runs for me, but
all other flash games (including towns.) don't last very long.
(I'll get disconnected from the server almost right away.)
Probably just has to do with my internet connection.
Towns is great; zOMG gets slowy. gonk
Everything works for me including zOMG, but it gets laggy when I'm in full crew. My computer completely freezes from all the crew members attacking and healing, too much going on. Then again..I have 348 MB of memory, so I guess my computer does pretty well. XD
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Friendly Survivor

Most of the Flash games work for me, with only a little lag. Towns, Aquariums, and zOMG works okay, but can get annoyingly slow. Aquariums makes my screen lag, while towns only lags when there are a lot of people on screen. zOMG usually runs fine for a little while, but keeps freezing up mozilla freeze up from anywhere to a few seconds to a few minutes at a time. That happens about every five to ten minutes, so I don't play zOMG very often right now.
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i can run all the flash things, but they all get really slow and annoying. i have to close zomg after like 5 minutes of playing. people's aquarium sigs make my computer angry.
i have fast internet, but my computer is a few years old.

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