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Can your computer handle Gaia's Flash content?

No - my computer can't support Flash at all! 0.053329069850068 5.3% [ 1501 ]
Sometimes - I can run some Flash components, but I cannot get Gaia Towns or some Flash games to work! 0.13085340723371 13.1% [ 3683 ]
Mostly - I can run most Flash stuff, but zOMG gets slow or choppy! 0.36044198109856 36.0% [ 10145 ]
Yes! I can support it all! I have no trouble running any Flash games or zOMG! 0.33663753286435 33.7% [ 9475 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.11873800895331 11.9% [ 3342 ]
Total Votes:[ 28146 ]
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My computer handles most flash fine, kinda slow at times though. zOMG gets a bit somewhat lagged at times, but i think that's more the memory leak.
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    At work, I can't run anything but zOMG! which I ironically can't play...because I'm at work.

    And at home, I can run everything, but my computer is on its last leg, so it gets upset if I play too long. ):
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I don't have problems with Flash content, but I can't connect the games/Towns/zOMG servers...
My computer can run all of the flash games, but zOMG looks like s**t. So much lag! DX
Mostly - I can run most Flash stuff, but zOMG gets slow or choppy!

I think if you have a way to put fewer people and monsters on a map at a time it'll work out ok,
levles like dead man's pass have lags and time outs but far fewer. I dont get a lot of lags in bartown exsept in trick or treating when people were always belowing up and healing
when I get to Zen gardens on the kat's doll quest I freez up totaly and can't move

just imagin spending 2 or more hours with a screen that looks like this and never changes it stays stuck that way like Im looking at a frozen image! but when it unfreezes every things over and In still not credited.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

and when I get the map time out in dead mans pass if I click "ok" I return to the the server selection screen then return to Bill's ranch.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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My compy has no problem with Flash. zOMG has been laggy, but I think that's from crowded servers, not my computer
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

The flash apps, especially the more complicated ones like Towns, Rally, and zOMG take up a lot of my CPU usage. Sometimes I can't be in Towns or Rally because my system can't handle it well (lag to the max X_x), and since zOMG is even more taxing on my system, sometimes I just don't play because of that.

Durem. Rawr.
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I have had times in the past that it was nigh impossible for me to get to Gaia Online using my home computer. Nowadays, I can do some of the games and towns and such, but zOMG is a chore in futility.
ZOMG runs fine when your soloing alone by your self but when more then 4 people are on at once the game lags if people use diagnose, fire rain or any thing with a lot of animation to it it gets real sluggy if you had 5 or more people and 5 or more monsters it freezes up completely for hours . also a lot of people would like chests to spawn at different rates or to set things up so that if you see a chest its yours and yours alone and no one else can take it.

it would also be nice if you could walk ZOMG to towns or rally or casino or shops and have those thing part of ZOMG rather then having them open as seperate windows. I also long for new quests with huger payoffs.
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Flash works fine for me.
zOMG gets a bit laggy due to the memory leak sometimes, but I'm not counting that.

When it comes to Gaian Flash games, I think the only one I might have trouble with is the new Cinemas because of the IDM FlashPlugin, but I haven't had a chance to try. XD
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Questionable Singing

Like everyone else (it seems) zOMG! gets laggy for me when there's a lot of people and monsters. Sometimes, the Daily Chance doesn't react and when I try to click again I get an error. Everything else seems to work fine.
Flash+My computer= burning_eyes

It's like, nine years old and slow as anything!
I don't blame Gaia, my old geezer of a computer can barely show me Youtubes... crying crying crying
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My computer does pretty well. I can run most games though zomg can be slow at times when there is a lot of people signed on. The aquarium gives me the most trouble. It loads okay but slowly and it always take a 30 seconds to a minute to navigate to another page after I am finished playing with it.
My little Asus Eee can handle quite a bit on flash.... I do have troubles in towns because my screen is so small and I can not even see the map button thing.... so clicking it is a no go xd

zOMG wont load at all on here.....

(Don't know if this is flash or not but I feel it's relevant)
I have a lot of trouble with the cash shop! as I've mentioned my screen is very small so if I was to buy something from the cash shop I would have to scroll down to do so *problem* the cash shop moves with the scroll bar.... *I can not buy anything gonk *

..... same happens with the DC 3nodding
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Let's do this! emo

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