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Can your computer handle Gaia's Flash content?

No - my computer can't support Flash at all! 0.053313916317397 5.3% [ 1501 ]
Sometimes - I can run some Flash components, but I cannot get Gaia Towns or some Flash games to work! 0.13088726291113 13.1% [ 3685 ]
Mostly - I can run most Flash stuff, but zOMG gets slow or choppy! 0.36044611778078 36.0% [ 10148 ]
Yes! I can support it all! I have no trouble running any Flash games or zOMG! 0.33661291468353 33.7% [ 9477 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.11873978830717 11.9% [ 3343 ]
Total Votes:[ 28154 ]
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Fashionable Entrepreneur

Towns doesn't seem to like my laptop that uses Vista, but it's been causing problems on my XP computer too. Slots. Cards and other older games also seem to have this problem on my Vista laptop.

I can't really vouch for how well zOMG runs since I didn't notice much of a difference on my XP computer, except for the fact that the large server load caused my character to spaz out and get stuck off-path. Dunno if that's because my computer couldn't handle zOMG (I've had that thing since 2003, I believe) or if it's just the memory leak and server load.
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Towns and zOMG have been giving me problems, Town is weird windows errors and towns with...well....salowing down my computer a lot. And I KNOW it's more than the memory leaks Quixter said were happening.
And I can't stay in zOMG for long or else it will get slower and slower and SLOWER.
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Devoted Carnivore

I have no trouble, except when I'm attacking a lot and have a s**t load of creatures attacking me (Fire Rain or Slash especially slow my computer down). But it recovers instantly, so it's not very hindering.

User Image My computer can handle flash perfectly, it's my fail internet that's the problem. ;____;

sιηcεяεℓу, муυυι ღ.
Chanthar's avatar

Shy Bibliophile

Like Shinezilla, zOMG takes up a lot of resources for me and ends up choppy when there's a lot of activity. Its the same with Towns.

Every other game works fine though.

Same, though it also depends whether or not I can connect to the servers gonk

zOMG is a bit iffy at times but only when there's a shitload of people in the area.
I can run it all except zOMG is often slow and choppy.

Ohhh house customization doesn't work, but I don't think that uses flash.
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Kawaii Shoujo

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My computer can support it
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Jeering Phantom

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Towns is OK as long as I'm completely alone, most games run decently, but the Aquarium gets really choppy occasionally, and zOMG is near impossible to run. As long as I have every program closed including my internet browser, zOMG will run OK if there are under 600 people on the server, fairly if there are under 800, but super laggy after 900.
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I don't have problems with the older games. Although sometimes Towns does act up and I have to restart it so that I'm not getting that rubberband, throw back to the center of the screen glitch, or the running in one spot glitch. After playing zomg for more than an hr and a half I get an error message saying that flash10 something or other caused internet explorer to close. Or something to that effect. I can't recall of the top of my head what it says exactly. It could be my computer since I'm using Vista. I didn't start having this problem of my browser closing until aquariums came out though.

The house arranger still doesn't work for me (I know it isn't run on Flash) and I had just installed the latest version of shockwave. It's frustrating to not be able to decorate my house. crying
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No problems so far. ninja
Can always connect unless my net is capped - like right now.

I can run it fine.

Keep up with the Flash.
You can keep pampering the few people who haven't really gone up in time.

User Image
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Sparkly Lunatic

I can use most of the flash content on both of my computers(desktop and laptop) but my laptop can not handle the size you guys make everything.......at 800x600 stuff is constantly cut off and I know it's no longer the standard size but I do know a few other Gaian's with the same problem. I'm not sure exactly how zOMG runs on it, I gave up after i couldn't play any games without in game panning which doesn't work half the time but it will run on my desktop, though it is choppy when a lot of people get on and prone to map timeouts even when I am just sitting on the map waiting for someone.

Basically I can run the flash content but if I'm on my laptop which is about 80% of the time I can't use it do to size issues.

Daily chance and the cash shop also do not work on my laptop due to size constraints....though only when I run 480x600 which happens to be the normal screen res and anything bigger requires lots of panning. In case you are wondering I have a first gen EEE 701 PC which they made a rather funky size screen res for that I can't change.

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