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Can your computer handle Gaia's Flash content?

No - my computer can't support Flash at all! 0.053348023883992 5.3% [ 1501 ]
Sometimes - I can run some Flash components, but I cannot get Gaia Towns or some Flash games to work! 0.13079328973557 13.1% [ 3680 ]
Mostly - I can run most Flash stuff, but zOMG gets slow or choppy! 0.36046346317885 36.0% [ 10142 ]
Yes! I can support it all! I have no trouble running any Flash games or zOMG! 0.33665055444982 33.7% [ 9472 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.11874466875178 11.9% [ 3341 ]
Total Votes:[ 28136 ]
Checking windows 8 compatibility with that of desktop version or flash content, uh...
Problem here when one accepts one flash format compared to that of another.

It is both a switchable of the metro really to that of desktop. So I was wondering even well is everything updated or do I need flash for my system and update situations only.
It runs fine on my computer but I would really like to be able eto play games on the go to earn gaia gold . I use the application of in order to keep up with the market andthe forums but it would be nice a game to be added . I would be on gaia all the time no doubt.
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Yeah easily with no problems whatsoever.
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Hilarious Gaian

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sometimes my cpmputer is slow but most the time no probaly a little glitch is what my brother says
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Partying Cat

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my computer has no trouble what so ever running flash programs
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Yes! I can support it all! I have no trouble running any Flash games or zOMG!
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zomg is the best! heart ninja
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I haven't tried running Flash games or zOMG! -- not really being a gamer. But I've had no trouble loading Towns.

yyuwai rolled 3 100-sided dice: 21, 36, 84 Total: 141 (3-300)

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Blessed Hunter

my damn towns n stuff don't work usuallyyyyyy. . . . . . i hate this cat_gonk
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your plash content is nothing compared to my computer!
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Not the iPads.... They can't. #>_<
Nope! I have to use the fancy liberry computers
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User Image FireRed Team: Snorlax, Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Lapras, Mr.Mime

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User Image
My Laptop's old and schizophrenic on whether it'll be nice with Flash or not xD

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User Image

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