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Would you search for friends on Gaia by their real name?

Yes, and I would enter my real name so others can find me. 0.23507647881604 23.5% [ 10420 ]
Yes, but I would not enter my real name (I would just search for others). 0.16710282903939 16.7% [ 7407 ]
No, I would not search for friends by real name, but I would enter my real name if they want to find me 0.044872084104138 4.5% [ 1989 ]
No, I would not search for friends by real name, nor would I want people to find me by real name! 0.41880611830528 41.9% [ 18564 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.13414248973514 13.4% [ 5946 ]
Total Votes:[ 44326 ]
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i wouldn't care....

as long as i find them is wat matters
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Never give out your real full name or personal information on line.
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0.o scary poll

Gaia is a separation from reality. You all already messed up with pushing the whole request for phone numbers and texting. Please stop.
Plus, its not like it would help that much. There are tons of people with the same, or similar names. It'd just be annoying in every way.
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this is gaia not myspace or face book. NO
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Partying Gaian

Umm no i won't...

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Just Neo
No, a lot of times I use Gaia to escape for reality so I wouldn't really want my friends to be able to find me.

^^ This... sad
I would. 8D
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Meh. My only stalker already knows my Gaian name so it doesn't really matter...
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I wouldn't.

This isn't myspace, and a lot of people use Gaia to kind of escape reality.
Putting in my two cents.... Or is it sense? Or incensed? WAAAHH!

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