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Would you search for friends on Gaia by their real name?

Yes, and I would enter my real name so others can find me. 0.23510695911183 23.5% [ 10419 ]
Yes, but I would not enter my real name (I would just search for others). 0.16714053614947 16.7% [ 7407 ]
No, I would not search for friends by real name, but I would enter my real name if they want to find me 0.044882209585703 4.5% [ 1989 ]
No, I would not search for friends by real name, nor would I want people to find me by real name! 0.41869753587869 41.9% [ 18555 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.1341727592743 13.4% [ 5946 ]
Total Votes:[ 44316 ]
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[.Lynx.t3h.Whack.]'s avatar

Sparkly Lunatic

        no, i wouldn't.

        i don't trust the internet. neutral
Gutcakes's avatar

Sparkly Smoker

Yes. I'm not fussy about online people knowing my rl name.

| <3 |
Real name xD LOL


If I wanted my friends to find me by my real name I would have my real name as my user name.
No stare
2 page <3
`Smarties's avatar

Dangerous Man-Lover

I think it would be alright.
I'm not all scared of someone finding my real name.

I think its a good idea, Gaia. :3
yes i wanna enter my real name and i would want others to find me by my real name.
milkiis's avatar

Shaggy Grabber

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