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Would you search for friends on Gaia by their real name?

Yes, and I would enter my real name so others can find me. 0.23507647881604 23.5% [ 10420 ]
Yes, but I would not enter my real name (I would just search for others). 0.16710282903939 16.7% [ 7407 ]
No, I would not search for friends by real name, but I would enter my real name if they want to find me 0.044872084104138 4.5% [ 1989 ]
No, I would not search for friends by real name, nor would I want people to find me by real name! 0.41880611830528 41.9% [ 18564 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.13414248973514 13.4% [ 5946 ]
Total Votes:[ 44326 ]
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We wants your opinions!

Would you search for friends on Gaia by their real name?

Assuming that we would have a privacy setting incase you didn't want to be found!
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Death has never been
so beautiful...

First vote, hopefully first post.

N. O.

It's the internet, not the yellow pages.
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Ich schrei in die Nacht für Dich,
lass mich nicht im Stich,
Spring nicht.

No. I probably won't. =/ I'm sure my friends don't want me to find them either...

2nd post for me. 8D woo...new record. xD

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Oct. 24, Best Day Ever.
No, a lot of times I use Gaia to escape for reality so I wouldn't really want my friends to be able to find me.
I only know a few people by real name and those peopel I also know by e-mail so finding them by e-mail is all we need the real name thing doesn't change a lot.
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No, because I already have all my IRL friends on my friends list and no body needs to find me. This is Gaia, not Myspace or Facebook.
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Sparkly Phantom


Get raped much?

I just thought about that and I actually get raped by my friends a lot.

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Demonic Demigod

I would put my name if it was common, but due to my name being so... unique, I wouldn't post it because I would be so paranoid that people would try and find me. Really, it wouldn't be that hard to find me, it's a really 'different' name. xD

But I would love to find friends by their real name, would save me a lot of trouble. ninja
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hmm... well i wouldnt mind that much, until i got like wierd ppl messaging me, but otherwise, yeah.

If they were my friends they should have no problem finding me anyway

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Yeah, it would be so much easier to find irl friends.

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