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In what year did you first start getting active on Gaia?

2003 0.080241663489457 8.0% [ 13680 ]
2004 0.11735343285333 11.7% [ 20007 ]
2005 0.12776490600346 12.8% [ 21782 ]
2006 0.17045487872833 17.0% [ 29060 ]
2007 0.2197084787518 22.0% [ 37457 ]
2008 0.28447664017362 28.4% [ 48499 ]
Total Votes:[ 170485 ]
I think I joined in late '05, then got active in mid-'06.
On another account.

XD Funnily enough, a Guild of mine on Neopets introduced me to this place...
Why is that monkey giving me the finger?

Well ******** you too then. mad
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lemme think.
my friend forced me to make one about 3 years ago...
October or November 12!
either way my 3 year anniversary of being on gaia is coming up soon.

April 23rd 2004 ^_^
I've been active since I started, basically, and only lost interest for short periods of time over the last four years. Yes, I am an addict XP Shut up.
My first account was made in like october of 2004 i think? but i was kinda forced off becuase life dragged me away. this account was made this year and i am very active on it ^_^ im still slightly active on the other one, mainly for the daily chance though blaugh
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November 2007 ithink maybe october
around september 2007
First Account in 03, way back, my next account in 05.

Ah, what a day to remember..
I found this website back in 2003 while searching for online multiplayer websites.
I distinctly remember the date as October 10, 2003.
I was getting sick with a cold. My friend, Pamela, had already been sick and was over to stay the night since her grandparents went to a funeral in Mobile, Alabama.
Pamela and I began to invite friends from my school to join, but no one would do it.
I have moved to over 30 accounts since then, this one being my latest and hopefully permanent
my first account was an '03 or '04.
i can't remember.
well there is no obvious trend
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My first account in last August 2007. I then made new account to start anew, and now, I'm here. But this account is only a month or 2 old, I made it because I go through names so much.

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i just started this 2008 forgot when in 2008, but for now i'm enjoying everything on gaia, cause, people are nice, although there are some perves that only want to have cybers on gaia

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