We've gotten a lot of complaints that we're being unfair by excluding other countries in our contests. While we wish we could include everyone, it's just not possible for us given the massive amount of legal red tape involved-- red tape that differs from country to country. What works here may be completely illegal somewhere else.

To give you an idea of why international contests are such a nightmare, here's a very abridged list of the headaches involved:

  • Each country has different rules regarding contests.

  • Some countries ban all contests.

  • Some countries would require us to have a physical presence there.

  • Some countries do not allow games of chance or require you to complete a game of skill.

  • Some countries have outlawed fun (and also rainbows).

  • Tax laws vary from country to country.

  • Limitations of prizes, including region-specific restrictions. A game system or DVD that works in the U.S. may not function the same in Europe, etc.

Since Gaia is a relatively small company, it's pretty much impossible for us to meet all these requirements without sacrificing obscene amounts of time and money. We love you guys and wish we could include everyone, but at the moment it's simply beyond our capabilities.

Thanks for your understanding!

The Gaia Staff