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Which Hot Topics would you like to see more of?

More anime Hot Topics 0.39544895448954 39.5% [ 643 ]
More video game Hot Topics 0.2029520295203 20.3% [ 330 ]
More movie Hot Topics 0.095940959409594 9.6% [ 156 ]
More TV Hot Topics 0.055965559655597 5.6% [ 91 ]
More music Hot Topics 0.16974169741697 17.0% [ 276 ]
More sports Hot Topics 0.017835178351784 1.8% [ 29 ]
More business/technology Hot Topics 0.062115621156212 6.2% [ 101 ]
Total Votes:[ 1626 ]
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Martial Arts, a friendly discussion...
with no elitists...
unfortunately that's wishful thinking... crying
What movies do you see on this site? biggrin
Martial Arts, a friendly discussion...
with no elitists...
unfortunately that's wishful thinking... crying

I bet you would want to see martial arts xd 3nodding
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Although I personally don't care for the trilogy, I think a lot of HG fans would like it if there was a Hunger Games Hot Topic to commemorate the movie that's coming out next month.

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anime all the way lol

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more movie hot topics tbh
Zero Omega
Hey Gaians!

We have a set of Hot Topic forums for you all to enjoy discussing about current and real life events. But we were curious, what kind of content would you like to see the Hot Topics geared toward? Do you prefer more Hot Topics about a specific anime series, or anime in general? How about video games? Or do you prefer more discussion about movies? But wait, do you enjoy ranting and raving about the latest television series?

We want to know what you enjoy and what you want to see more of! Let us know so that we can continue to bringing you Hot Topics that you enjoy!
just noticed the Hot topics...Some are like really old.
Like update that man.
...bring back Lady Gaga. lol jk.
Idk put up summer movies, or FINALS! gosh.
Lol, something!
Pets, pokemon, glee -__-
I voted 4 more movie topics!

i voted for video games lol!
i havent read all this yet but i hope its good news ! ^-^
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