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Choose Your Own Prize Adventure Mail-in Entries!

Hey everyone :]

We have contacted everyone who sent in a mail-in entry for the “Choose Your Own Prize Adventure” - MegaPrize Sweepstakes.

However, we have three entries that were sent without a username. If you have not received a PM confirmation that we have received your mail-in entry, please send an email to usertalk@gaiaonline.com with the real name that you put on the envelope by 5pm PDT today.
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Choose Your Own Prize Adventure Achievement

The "Luck of the Draw" achievement you earned for your first entry should now be in your account. If you do not see it, please log out and back in then check your Achievements page. If you still don't see it after that and did earn it, please post in the Bug Reports forum so I can take a look at it.
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La Victoire Pre-Labor Day Flash Sale

Hey Gaians,

As you prep for the upcoming Labor Day Holiday weekend, here’s another opportunity to get while the getting’s good…

Everyone knows it’s a fashion faux-pas to wear white after Labor Day, so make the most of it now and take advantage of this extremely limited-time offer on some of Gaia’s best white-hued items:

Ashen Marionette – 4000 Gaia Cash
Bibbles – 3500 Gaia Cash
Rosamund's Redemption – 2000 Gaia Cash

These deals come down at 10:00PM PDT, so act fast!

Go to the Cash Shop!
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Marriage System Input

Hi everyone!

We were hoping to get your input on a feature idea that’s been kicked around for a while now: weddings!

Please visit the input thread and let us know what you think!

Thank you! heart

Updated Games Page

- Added Ragnarok II banner and Partner Games
- Removed HoC & MoGa featured banners

Ragnarok Online II Partnership

We've partnered with Ragnarok Online II to provide some shiny bonuses for you in-game and a special item grant on Gaia once you reach level 15. You MUST register for an account through the URL provided in the announcement in order to receive the exclusive Gaia item grant. The item grant will be available through an exclusive promo code sent to your email. Just take that pin code and enter it on the Pin Redemption page.

UPDATE: Just for clarification once you reach level 15 you will be added to a list of users who reached level 15 during that week. Once a week a email will go out to those users who have reached level 15 in the previous week with the code to redeem your gold and bonus items for Gaia. Once per user per account. More Info Here!


- Fixed bug with Marketplace not showing average price or giving warning when selling high priced items (In patch rotation, will be out soon)

Offers Page

- Updated the page layout for partner offers


Site Centering Coming Soon!

Just wanted to let you know that, coming soon, we'll be making Gaia Online a centered site!

We thank everyone for the feedback they provided in Sisky's thread poll on this topic. While we understand that some people might not like this idea, centering the site opens up more opportunities with partners and events for us to take advantage of. According to the poll numbers, over half of you either want a centered site or are neutral about the issue. Some of the negativity came from concerns that centering forums and guilds would break post styles, so we are happy to tell you this update won't impact those areas at this time, only the main site design. In the future, these areas may also be centered, but until some of those concerns can be better addressed they will remain as they are.

Pre-roll Ads Coming to Flash Spaces on Gaia

We wanted to give you a heads up about a change coming shortly to Gaia's Flash spaces.

In the near future, we'll be adding pre-roll advertising videos to to the beginning almost all Gaia Flash spaces and games. What this means is that before a Gaia Flash game or Flash space launches, you'll be asked to watch a short video advertisement. zOMG! should not be affected by these changes.

Not to worry, we've partnered with a great company to help provide ads we believe will be relevant to most Gaians, and which will have appropriate content for our community. And hey, not only does watching the ads help Gaia Online earn a bit of profit to keep our beloved site running smoothly, but you might also learn about some fabulous new products through the ads! As always, if you should run across an inappropriate ad, you can report it by emailing us at reportads@gaiaonline.com and let us know! If you want more info on how to report bad ads, please check out the thread here!

Anyway, thanks for reading. We know that some Gaians are sensitive about advertisements online and we didn't want to surprise you with this change without giving you a heads up.

Removing HoC & MoGa

We want to thank everyone for their patience and time that have been put into these games. Unfortunately, we have made the decision to retire Heralds of Chaos and Monster Galaxy from the Gaia Online site. This was not an easy decision, and we know that many of you may be upset by this. We wanted to take a moment to thank all of the players who have supported these products and hope you all have had as much fun playing these unique and wonderful games on Gaia as we had making them for you all.

Note: This only applies to the Gaia Online versions of these games. The versions of Heralds of Chaos and Monster galaxy on Facebook will remain available for anyone to play.

Adding 3 new mini-games

We'll be adding three games to our mini-game lineup in the near future. These games will be designed for short and fast play and will use a brand new tournament-style system that we've been working on. Check out a sneak peek of these games below!
User Image

Mini-event next week

It's time to head back to school so that means end of Summer shenanigans. Tune in next week for a fun little break from any start of school stresses.

Inventory Arranger

This is still in QA testing to hammer out a few more bugs and run it through some heavy stress tests (Yep, we've thought of your 20,000+ item inventories).


We have begun production! We'll have an old school forum battle with a modern revamp, a new Flash game that many of you should recognize, Trick or Treating, and of course, a continuation of the story with Easter Bunny seeking his revenge against Jack. Who knows, you might even find a few surprises along the way.

Wedding system

We're exploring the possibilities of a wedding system here on Gaia and would like your feedback! Sound off in the thread here. To address a few of the common questions: Yes there would be a divorce feature, Yes same-sex marriages would be allowed, Yes you'd be able to display the relationship in the forums, Yes we'd include a wedding-themed Flash space, No you couldn't share accounts/items, and Not Sure on different relationship types, multiple marriages, or age restrictions.
School is back in session so it's time to fight to earn a spot in your favorite club. Join in and work alongside your club's captain in the forums to convert as many others to your club as you can. The club with the most members by the end of the event will receive a special reward. You must act fast though, the event will end and the victorious team will be crowned this Wednesday at 12:00pm PST. I hope to see you in my club!

Also, make sure you prepare yourself for a new year at Valefor by picking up an Advance Chance item today!

Grab an Advance Chance
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Join us for AtA

Hope you all had a good weekend! Since it is Monday, it is AtA time. Please feel free to join us and ask your questions and give feedback. As always, we'll try to answer as many questions as we can in the hour!

The AtA thread can be found here: This week's AtA!

Be well everyone!
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Mule Use Survey!

We're currently gathering stats on how many mules everyone uses so, if you haven't voted already, come by this thread and vote now!

Back to School Victors!

The battle is over and the club with the most users is.....Champions of Light! Congratulations to Gideon and his club, your item for winning will appear in your inventories shortly.

The final tally for the event was
  • Champions of Light - 6,412
  • Divinity Court - 5,073
  • Crimson Brigade - 4,318
  • Shadow Cloaks - 3,870
  • Band of Bronies - 2,567
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User Screen Resolution Survey Closing Tomorrow!

Wow, I want to thank you all so very much for helping us out by taking our User Screen Resolution Survey. We already have over 7700 responses which is fantastic (and far more responses than we could have anticipated) so well done gang!

Anyway, since we already have a huge sample of responses, we'll be closing the survey tomorrow at 12 pm PT. If you still want to take the survey and voice your opinion before the survey closes, you are certainly welcome to do so! The survey can be found here: Gaia's User Screen Resolution Survey

Please note: As mentioned before, this survey will be hosted on our Survey Monkey account, but it will NOT ask you for account information or password! Any survey that asks for your account password is not from us, and is an attempt by weaselly people to phish your account information. Never share your password!

Thanks again for contributing your time and taking the survey biggrin
HoC and Moga Removal Update

Hi there,

We wanted to update you on when Monster Galaxy and Heralds of Chaos will be removed from Gaia.

The links to Monster Galaxy and the Heralds of Chaos game will be removed on Tuesday September 17th. If things change we will make sure to let you know.

For more information on Heralds of Chaos please go HERE
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Last Chance for Friday the 13th Sale!

Don't miss your chance to pick up the adorable cats Lucky and Unlucky, or get the outfit of Friday the XIII himself! Remember, the sale ends Monday at 11:59 PST!

Visit the Cash Shop Now!
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Moira's Seductive Allure

Well, it seems that Moira felt she was not getting enough attention and has decided everyone should have to stare into her eyes 25 times forever. Needless to say, this is a bug and the wrong item was being granted. We've changed the item being granted, removed all entries of the incorrect item from the Marketplace (If you had it listed, all of your listings will have been cancelled, sorry!), soulbound the item to prevent it from being spread, and have begun removing those items and granting the correct one to everyone who currently has it. Please sit tight and stay patient while we clean this up. I'll update as soon as we're finished!
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Filing Ticket Issues

Hey everyone,

We're aware of some issues that are occurring when trying to file a ticket. We are working with our help desk provider to get this resolved as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience.
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24 Hour Sale on Soft Lil Leoli -- Get it Now!!

For a very limited time, you can get Soft Lil Leoli in La Victoire Cash Shop for only 2000 Gaia Cash! Don't miss your chance to get some of the cutest hair and dress clothes around! This item is a sure-fire way to beautify your avatar, so get it now while it’s available at this great price.

Limited Time Only...CLICK TO BUY!
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Join us for Ask the Admin

Hey Gaians! You can join us now for this week's Ask the Admin!

You can join the discussion thread here!

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