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Alchemy Level Bundle Move

Hello there -- I’m here to announce a small move!

You may have noticed that there are no longer Alchemy Level Bundles in La Victoire... don't sweat it! We have so many great items in the cash shop and are planning to add more, so we've moved the Alchemy Bundles over to The Bifrost, where they belong!
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Battle System is Here to Stay - and So are Your Battle Stats!

Hey Gaians!

We're so glad to know that so many people are enjoying the Battle System introduced during the Halloween 2K13 event. In fact, so many of you have been participating in the event and enjoying it, that we wanted to make sure that you are aware this system will become a permanent feature on Gaia!

Additionally, any stats you level up in the Halloween 2K13 event will carry forward with you to the next round of battling! Having higher stats will definitely give you an advantage in your future battles in terms of staying power, attack power, etc. so keep on battling your way up the ranks!

Finally, we have plans to introduce a variety of rewards and treats for reaching new levels in battle during future events. In fact, there may even be some secret rewards still hidden in this Halloween 2K13 event! You'll just have to keep playing and see what you can find!

Take care everyone! biggrin
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Battle Skills Overhaul - Nerfs & Buffs

By this point you've probably noticed that your skills now have names and that they don't do the same amount of damage/cost as much as before. Well, you aren't seeing things. I've just pushed an update for the Battle system which should update several things but most importantly it addresses the issues with some classes being super powerful and some being super weak. Overall, all the skills for each class should be more balanced with the class' base stats and with the other classes and skills as well. Yes, this does mean some of you are going to be doing less damage than before, but it also means others will be doing more damage than they were before. The energy costs have been updated to be more in line with the damage being dealt with the attacks as well. I'm going to keep an eye on how this new breakdown works out and will continue to adjust as needed but I hope this big change will have positive impacts for everyone overall.

I've also up'd the amount of exp you get for all of the actions you make. Attacking has been increased from 2 to 3, healing from 1 to 2, and kills from 5 to 10. There's also a bonus exp boost if you manage to kill someone higher than your level so watch for that too.

Lastly, as part of the skill overhaul, all classes should have at least one attack which has the capability of getting a Critical Hit for enough damage to KO an opponent of the right level and class. I won't tell you which classes are best against another but ask your friends or other players and I'm sure you can find the answer quickly.

As always, I'm continuing to watch everything and will do my best to address the issues as they pop up. If you do have problems or suggestions though, please post them in the correct forums on the site. I do read the threads and see what you're saying, even if I don't always reply.
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Low on Cash? Check out the free activities to earn!

Are you low on Gaia Cash? Social Vibe has loaded up a ton of free activities today and tomorrow, October 25th through October 26th. Check it out so you can get your free cash now to use on Halloween deals!

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Tired of being fully in control of your actions? Feel like you're missing something in your life? Think that you would look fabulous with an infected, green bunny leeching your life force from your head? Well then, you're in luck! Grombies are back and ready to infect everyone alllll over again. You can get the third stage of infection for only 30 wing stickers, while the 4th and 5th stages will cost you 40 and 50 wing stickers respectively.

These skins will be available even after the event, but why wait until later? Head on over to The Treehouse and pick up your very own Grombie skin today! All the cool kids are doing it.

EDIT: So, apparently we don't have functionality in to preview consumable skin potions. Whoops! This is out of the scope of the project currently but I've gone ahead and taken screenshots for male and female avis with each of the stages in case you want to know what it looks like.

Stage 3
User ImageUser Image

Stage 4
User ImageUser Image

Stage 5
User ImageUser Image
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Last Chance for Red Devil Minis!

Just wanted to remind you all that our Demonic Flash Sale ends later on today!

Hurry! It's your last chance to indulge in devilish delights like Red Devil Minis, Rapturous Union, the Demonic Date Bundle, and Demonic Style!

Visit the Shop!
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Battle System - Class Changing

Potions to change your class are now available for 99GC in the Cash Shop. So as to avoid any confusion or misinformation about what these do, I figured I'd clarify it all here before the information starts to spread.

When you use the potion, your class is changed to the one you selected and your stats adjust according to the stats of the class you change to. For example, if you are a Level 7 Knight and you decide to change to a Rogue, you will see your health, energy, melee, magic, and luck adjust according to what you would be if you had been a Level 7 Rogue already. Any additional stat boosts you added, such as Virtual Piggy Luck Potions, will be applied as well. You should have no actual loss of stats or progress, you'll just become the equivalent level of the class you change to.

Furthermore, the achievement for joining each class WILL be granted for switching to them in this manner. There obviously may be some lag due to the overall lag of achievements during events but it will grant so you should receive it once the lag stops hating.

I think this covers most questions about it but I'll be watching the forums to clarify or fix any other issues or misunderstandings related to this.
Battle of the Bosses

H2k13 Temporary Boss Mode Booster's are 40% off for the next 24 hours. Help your team by seeking unimaginable power!

Become a Boss!
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Halloween Update!

Bombs, bunnies, and all-powerful pumpkins, this event has them all! Check out the newest installment of our Halloween event manga, The True Enemy, to watch as the battle of the holiday gods unfolds. What could Easter Bunny possibly be planning with his bomb? Can anyone stop him? Stay tuned!

Note: Yes, this is an alternative story update notice because it seems the actual story update isn't triggering correctly. Sorry!
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Battle System Update!

In continued efforts to refine and improve the overall experience for Battle/Halloween, we’ve adjusted the energy regeneration rates for everyone so it should take somewhat less time to recover your energy and get back into the fray. We’ll continue adjusting as needed but in the meantime, there are energy potions for gold and for cash in Barton Boutique and the Cash Shop that you can pick up to speed up your recovery if the rate is still too slow for you.

Also, if you’re still working on leveling up and want to get your achievement at level 10 before the event ends, I hope you’ll stop by this weekend to enjoy a TRIPLE EXP whirlwind of attacks and heals. That’s right, starting Friday at 5:00pm PDT you’ll earn 3 times the experience for attacks, heals, and kills. The bonus EXP will end when the event ends on Monday though so, if you want in on it, you better get it while you can!
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Halloween Goldsink Drawing Winners!

As you may remember, part of our Halloween pre-event goldsink was a drawing for appearing in the concluding mini-comic and a drawing to win a signed poster of the Halloween event artwork. Well, the entries have been collected, the winners have been chosen, and we've kept you waiting long enough. So, without further delay, the lucky winners of the drawings are...

Concluding Mini-Comic Appearance Winners - 5 of 17 entrants

  • Elrom
  • Nymphalidae
  • Ridley Starsmore
  • Darc Nightgale
  • Yeata Zi

Signed Halloween 2k13 Poster Winners - 10 of 177 entrants

  • Nightsong
  • Amira Keller
  • SoniaAronkoth
  • Oceanrabbits
  • kikioblack
  • XxLovelyXDeathxX
  • iBalthier
  • PkRs
  • sorrowhuman
  • Scorngrain

Congratulations to all the winners! We'll be contacting those who won the poster drawing soon to get your contact info in order to send the poster to you! For the comic winners, just sit tight. The comic with your appearance will debut at the end of the event on Monday! Thank you again to everyone who entered, we sunk a lot of gold.
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Club Verge Issues

We're currently experiencing some issues with Club Verge membership and are attempting to resolve them now. Until we do, you may not be able to access the guild and may continue to receive welcome PMs as it tries to add you. We apologize for the inconvenience and will have it fixed as soon as possible.
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Club Verge Issues Fixed!

We've found the cause of the issue that was making Club Verge go all screwy and have fixed it. Sorry for all the spam, you should stop receiving PMs after the next time you log in and should be able to access the Guild correctly again.
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Halloween Triple EXP Weekend!

The flood gates of experience have been opened wide and the countdown to the end of the event has begun! Hop into the Halloween event forum now and battle with friends and against foes while earning triple the experience you normally would. That's right, until the event ends, you'll receive 9 points for every attack you make, 6 points for every heal, and a whopping 30 points if you manage to score a kill against any opponent. As mentioned, this is only valid until the event ends on Monday, November 4th, at 11:59:59PM PST. At that point, the Battle system and the event itself will turn off, so you better get in there and start playing now!

Please note that the power-ups and potions available now will not be usable after the event ends, with the exception of the Virtual Piggy Luck Charms and Health Potions. While we will likely have new power-ups/potions in the future, they will not be the same items so be sure to use up any you have before the event ends! If, for some reason, you still have them after the event, you're not completely out of luck. We will put a gold sellback on the items so you can get a little something back in exchange for them.

Well, what are you waiting for? Head onto the battlefield and start gaining those sweet, sweet experience points.

(HTML elided)
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