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that was possibly one of the best safety videos i've ever seen "Thanks Safety Martial!"

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Lol @ black guy in a Kool-Aid shirt! xD
LOL kool aid
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rofl great video!
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Is that Lanzer in the background??
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lanky looks like bill nye the science guy. whee
Haha!!! Awesome!! They should put this In the Welcome to gaia forum. 3nodding

A lot of my newbe friends get those PM's and have asked me about them.
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Yoru Kurotsuki
Is that Lanzer in the background??

I thought about that as well, but dismissed the idea.
Lanzer probably doesn't work in a cubicle. In fact we've seen his office of sorts in the mangas.
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, we think an extremely cheesy, over-the-top (and hopefully at least somewhat humorous) video says way more than that! To help spread awareness of the fact that some unscrupulous users pose as admins - or other positions of authority on the site - to try to steal passwords, we put together this silly video. Even though it's pretty goofy, this is actually a serious subject and hope that it saves some folks from losing their accounts.

Check it out!

Special thanks to the "Safety Martial" - Narumi Misuhara - who agreed to make a fool of himself in this with me.

(HTML elided)

ahaha that was funny! they're such weirdos.. xD we get to actually see the amids.. ah~ cool~
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fake bloopers aren't all that funny
xD you guys are awesome
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informative :3 and absolutely hysterical!!! xDDD
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I lol'd so muuuuch!


Choco and Bun the Adventurers!

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