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that was definitely hilarious.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, we think an extremely cheesy, over-the-top (and hopefully at least somewhat humorous) video says way more than that! To help spread awareness of the fact that some unscrupulous users pose as admins - or other positions of authority on the site - to try to steal passwords, we put together this silly video. Even though it's pretty goofy, this is actually a serious subject and hope that it saves some folks from losing their accounts.

Check it out!

Special thanks to the "Safety Martial" - Narumi Misuhara - who agreed to make a fool of himself in this with me.

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how did you put that video there? i tyr it and it dont work
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Man, that video was amazing! I needed a good laugh xd
Good idea, Gaia, best way to pass the message! And... are you sure they were like that when you found them? No evil influence on your part? User Image


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Thank you ^_^
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Ah... love that vid
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XD Wow I'm sorry but I think there will still be people losing accounts over it. sweatdrop Just for the simple fact they want to see what happens. :O
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Safety first!!! wahmbulance
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I lol-ed. rofl
gaia lets do the safety dance together
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I laughed so hard at the bloopers!

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