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i would do as i always say, get some awesome items, get my dream avi, and help my friend CritterCat with her contests. it would be so wonderful if i won. i've never had more than 200,000 gold in my entire time on gaia. so help a foxy out User Image
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I would put it towards a ringmaster, hope I win this time.
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I would share the winnings with 5 of my best friends and i would get me a background items.
Blah. Win it, get it, got it? Good. Now someone win that gold. Though, I'd be happy to recieve it, just as well.
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Liliya Ivanova
Oh, dear...I'd make a total update of my wishlist!
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I was thinking that I might be able to use the gold to find some way to appease Carl... maybe if I coat his antlers in gold, he won't stare at me quite so much... *creeped*. So I would start a "Fund to Test Carl-Pleasers". I think this would help the entire Gaian community.

            —rides a firetruck all around the thread, with the sirens on and a banner that says—


            Gold needed to buy a Seracila Pendant!
            And the remaining gold will be donated to other people in need of my help!

            ... like using the gold to put out fire. XD"
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Yeah, I'd still go on a shopping spree to buy my friends and random strangers items. xd
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Daily Post for a chance. Not to inspired right now, as National Novel Writing Month is taking my soul. If I win, I won't be questing for a while. If I don't, I can stare at my wishlist for the next few years knowing I will never get half of the things I wish I had.
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I would use that gold to show appreciation for the user artists by buying from them!
PLEASE ! I beg you ! I only go on to go see if i won ):
I would save up and share w/ others PLEASE PLEASSEEEE !
Oh my we're running out of time.
Or, more rather we're getting too many instances of people who don't make it in the ten minutes.

evolving and donation items again.
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i would like to pay back my friend for helping me buy my wishlist smile
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"My answer...
Shopping for me, to get that one item I have been wanting since it's release.
A grand gift for my friend who deeply deserves far more then what I can afford right now.
And lastly, the rest will be saved for the Christmas event, where I plan on running around giving gift anonymously like other did last year. Although I would like to do this at Modmas, if there is no such event I would scan the Christmas event forums for people being nice.

That's my answer."

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