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hey if you could make a pay by phone bill i would use it
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I love this feature. I have a suggestion though. Whenever you purchase a Monthly Collectible you no longer get adds. Not sure if this feature is still in place, but regardless I think it would be cool to add this incentive for those who use this feature.

So what happens if you use auto cash & get wrongfully banned & want to stop auto cash?
Has anyone taken in consideration that users can get banned JUST BECAUSE without a reason?
Just to have a chance to lose it all don't sound like a deal....I had an account banned that has NEVER received gifts other than my own account & I still haven't gotten it back!

I guess idiots are willing to take that chance.....
Fill their pockets
I feel much better about all of this ^_^
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So what happens if you use auto cash & get wrongfully banned & want to stop auto cash?
Has anyone taken in consideration that users can get banned JUST BECAUSE without a reason?
Just to have a chance to lose it all don't sound like a deal....I had an account banned that has NEVER received gifts other than my own account & I still haven't gotten it back!

I guess idiots are willing to take that chance.....
Fill their pockets

You would think there would be a way to stop payment if something happened...... ninja
I don't like being underprivileged because I use cash cards........
Honestly I hope this gets cut.
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1000 GC added into accounts automatically if we choose to use AutoCash (and I EFFIN' LOVE that you're making this an option)?

...Are you guys giving AutoCash users 1000 GC from your own pockets? Or does it come from one's own credit card that they use when signing up for the feature?

YOU pay the bill.... 200 GC is a bonus
l Candy Man I
So... the "bonus" cash is an additional 1200 gs on top of the 10$ you pay to sign up? This was rather confusing.

Not 1200GC ..... 200GC bonus.... you have to pay $10 for the 1000 GC
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this is quite a tempting feature but I don't spend Gaia cash that quickly, 1200 gaia cash a month is a little much, maybe think of adding different options like:
$5 a month/1300 GCash every 2 months for smaller spenders
$20 a month/2500GCash a month for big spenders
or even for those whom are completely skeptical on the whole issue of such a big price a month
$1 a month/650GCash every 6 months for the tiny spenders whom aren't allowed to spend so much

this would help out a lot for a lot of users, as I know there are many users probably more than half whom cannot afford or do not want to spend 10$ a month every month.

You're forgetting two things.

A) Gaia is greedy so lowering the price of gaia cash is definitely a no-no, which brings me to my second point.

B) 1$ is equivalent to 100 gaia cash. So 1$ being 650GCash is, for lack of a better word, retarded. With that plan people could easily pay 2$ and get just as much GCash as they would paying 5$ (650 x 2 =1300). Not to mention if they spend 10$ they'll apparently get even more than they would if they had paid 20$ (1300 x 2 = 2600). Brilliant math there buddy, and I eagerly await you responding telling me something clever like "******** you", but until then try to think before you post next time.

Personally I'm not to paying my subscription to World of Gaiacraft because this just shows how greedy they're becoming.

pay attention it's
$5 every month to get 1300 every 2 months which equals $10 for 1300GCash every 2 months
$20 a month to get 2500 every month this needs no explanation
and $1 every month to get 650 every 6 months and this equals $6 for 650GCash every 6 months
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Slippery slope.
One day premium items.
The next premium accounts.
Don't go that way.
Easier ways to get cash? yes.
Credit cards?
No Gaia, no.
Honestly, I don't see a whole lot of long term benefit for the user to sign up for this. An extra $2 value upon sign up (I'm assuming it's not recurring from the wording), a temporary discount, and one bonus item? Not much perk here. If I had $30 to spare, I'd probably sign up for just the three months then never touch it again. I mean, what's the point of shelling out $120 after a year if all I got was $2, a 2 month discount, and an item? I mean, yeah I got the cash, but I can just buy that in larger chunks on my own.

We need more value for our money.

  • Permanent discount
  • Bonus cash every month or at least recurring bonus cash throughout the subscription
  • No ads! - You should just switch the no ads from the MCs to this. You can't get the 'no ads' benefit by buying MCs with cash as it stands anyways. Might as well just update the whole thing.
  • Ability to auto-purchase MCs (since I usually spend at least $5 a month in MCs anyways, this would be a definite perk)

I mean, there's really no reason to stay signed up for this past 3 months for these meager incentives as it stands right now.

But beyond the long term incentive thing, I really like this feature! When I have money, I'm a regular cash shop buyer so a subscription with benefits really suits me. I would like to see higher denominations available in the future! (NOT replace! have $10 AND $20! Not one or the other). One thing I do NOT want to see between the two, though, is a difference in discounts. Please, please, PLEASE have the same discount for different denominations.

I also really like that users can opt in and out whenever they want! No contract! Yay! Can't wait until PayPal is used for subscriptions!

* 1000 Gaia Cash every month
* 200 bonus Gaia Cash every month
* 10% off all Cash Shop purchases till October 31st, 2010
* An exclusive bonus item for every three months you stay signed up

The extra $2 is monthly and will add up eventually if you stay on long enough and the bonus item is reoccurring.
While a permanent discount would more or less seal the deal, the two other perks are a nice feature and they are permanent.
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So when I as still a child I signed up for something like this with Neopets. (Mind you I was recovering from transplant, and I couldn't do much. I liked the games, and I still played Gaia too.) Neopets told me I was selling their neopoints, which I wasn't and I was unable to get out of their credit card thing. I ended up canceling my card because I could no longer get on that account. I tried contacting them, and they where all "There's nothing we can do..." I haven't been on there since.

I like that you can choose to cancel anytime. Like if you're hacked or you don't want to play Gaia anymore.

I'm thinking about it...

The thing is that I only buy Gaia Cash
1. I have extra money.
2. There's an item I want.
3. I'm in town and I have the opportunity to buy one.

(Walmart doesn't have them. I go to CVS, I haven't tried Game Stop, and Target is too far away, it's not worth it.)

I don't like that it automatically takes it out of your account, but that's up to the user to keep tract of your own account/money.

Also I'm going to the UK this Christmas, and that's insanely expensive so I may wait until after then.

A lot of children don't have a way to use this, which is sad. My parents used to tell me to get a job if I wanted "donation items." I babysat, and I send in my money and art work via snail mail.

Does Gaia still take snail mail?
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Personally, I think this is a handy idea, but the customer service base nor security from a user's perspective doesn't feel as if it has caught up yet to handle the extra work that can and will come up from this. Users will be storing their financial information on their accounts with the use of this idea and I would like to know what will be put into place to protect such sensitive information. This is more than just pixels and gold that can be stolen here if/when put into place.

I believe that more detail needs to be released before official launch as to how this ability to cancel any time will work. Most importantly, how difficult will it be to opt out? Will it be hard to find, buried under text and pages? Or will it be as simple as clicking a check box? As another previous user pointed out in an extreme example, what happens if one is banned for one reason or another? Will the card be auto stopped? What protections will be put into place should a hacker or scammer get a hold of someone's account? Will it possibly take the range of a few weeks to a year to get that information settled and accounted for?
Bye-bye free Gaia redface
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Though it has been said....

Most teenagers don't or can't get a credit card & your wrong if those whining kids are gana get their parents to do it!

Gaia, you still haven't FIXED your "site problems" & now your making new things to get more problems.

Soon this won't be a free OR safe fun site.
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