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There is a chance I may participate in this... o_____o
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1000 GC added into accounts automatically if we choose to use AutoCash (and I EFFIN' LOVE that you're making this an option)?

...Are you guys giving AutoCash users 1000 GC from your own pockets? Or does it come from one's own credit card that they use when signing up for the feature?
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Massive dislike. :/ It sounds a lot like a subscription service, and like another person said, it's like telling those of us who can only get cash cards occasionally that we're not on the same level as someone who buys it directly from their credit card.
i don't know i'm rather iffy on this
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I suggest they change it to where you can spend 1000 in gaia cash as another way to activate this service. That way, people that can only get cash cards can also have a way of using this service. We will still be paying the 10 dollars for the service as 1000 gaia cash = 10 dollars.
Either that, or have a extra code entry area where instead of entering your cash card code for gaia cash, you can enter it for the service instead.
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I'm intrigued. The only thing that worries me is the potential elitism from the item grant which you receive after 3 months. I also know not every user will be able to do this - some may not have credit/debit cards.
I like the bonus items. If you think about it this way... People who buy the cards get a bonus item((albeit not an extra 200gc...)). I also think a lot of users are sporadic in their GC purchasing, like only if they have the extra cash for that week/month/ect. I hope it's easy and simple to change whether you want the automatic deduction. If this new autocash system is confusing and painfully frustrating to deal w/, I don't know if the added bonuses are enough.
They'll sort of be creating an elite group((w/ the bonus item and discount)), much like I know Subeta has those gold accounts.... I'm just hoping there isn't a huge backlash and this will work out well. I'd consider doing it.

-Copy-pasta'd from other thread in order to leave mah feedback.-
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I like this but well, I get just a few cash each month and I get it from my mobile (Also, I live in Mexico) so I can't participate on this, it sounds very elitist because just a few persons can get 10 dollars to spend monthly, I can't.
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I would be interested in this, I get cash about every month and this seems less work and the discount is not unlike getting a magazine subscription....
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For people like me who purchase cash anyway (and around that much per month on average if not more), I think it's a great idea! The fact that you can opt in or opt out at any time provides flexibility as well.

From the information that has been provided, I wouldn't hesitate to sign up for auto-cash.
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              I like it. And I'm sorry, but I disagree with this whole "I can only purchase cash cards" thing. I can only purchase via paypal or mail in, so how is it unfair that I am offered a reward for it if I sign up? Cash cards have exclusive items I can't get because I don't have access to cash cards being that I live in Ireland, but I don't complain about that. How is exclusive items from this any different?

              I'm sorry, but I just feel like that's the pot calling the kettle black.

              I quite like the idea, and I think it's nice, it's a small amount of money you're signing up for every month. I certainly think I'll sign up once I read more information on it once it's released.

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i think i like this,
also it might make it easier for me to control how much i spend on gaia..

and the discount is an added bonus biggrin
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I like this, I will be taking advantage of this. XD
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It blows that the discount will only be around for 3 months but hey, seems cool. I'd be interested!
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Honestly, I don't see a whole lot of long term benefit for the user to sign up for this. An extra $2 value upon sign up (I'm assuming it's not recurring from the wording), a temporary discount, and one bonus item? Not much perk here. If I had $30 to spare, I'd probably sign up for just the three months then never touch it again. I mean, what's the point of shelling out $120 after a year if all I got was $2, a 2 month discount, and an item? I mean, yeah I got the cash, but I can just buy that in larger chunks on my own.

We need more value for our money.

  • Permanent discount
  • Bonus cash every month or at least recurring bonus cash throughout the subscription
  • No ads! - You should just switch the no ads from the MCs to this. You can't get the 'no ads' benefit by buying MCs with cash as it stands anyways. Might as well just update the whole thing.
  • Ability to auto-purchase MCs (since I usually spend at least $5 a month in MCs anyways, this would be a definite perk)

I mean, there's really no reason to stay signed up for this past 3 months for these meager incentives as it stands right now.

But beyond the long term incentive thing, I really like this feature! When I have money, I'm a regular cash shop buyer so a subscription with benefits really suits me. I would like to see higher denominations available in the future! (NOT replace! have $10 AND $20! Not one or the other). One thing I do NOT want to see between the two, though, is a difference in discounts. Please, please, PLEASE have the same discount for different denominations.

I also really like that users can opt in and out whenever they want! No contract! Yay! Can't wait until PayPal is used for subscriptions!
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I love it & I want to sign up. Problem is, Paypal is not supported upon immediate launch. Looks like I'm going to have to wait. User Image

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