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Inside info on a new feature -- AutoCash
Ppsssstttt, I gots some inside info for ya that you might wanna know. Next week, we’re going to release a new feature that many of you have been asking for: discounted prices and bonus items. Yyaaayyyy! We’ll soon have a new, optional feature called AutoCash that gets you...(click here for the full story)

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very tempting...... ninja
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What timing
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I like that we can opt out at any time. :D

My only questions are:
Will these next two months be the only time we will see a discount?
Is the 1,200GC continuous or just one time when we sign up?

Hopefully this will be an easy thing to sign up for and find within the site. I cringe every time I have to change a setting on my account and I have to go through that long list. XP
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Sounds interesting.
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Fith Post.
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I'm in 4laugh
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I'll sign up! I've been hoping for something like this for months now whee
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I'll take it!

Well, okay, I'll need to review it a bit more, but I like the idea of it. I probably won't take advantage until PayPal is implemented (assuming it will be), but this will be easier for people like me who do pay for Gaia Cash once in a while. 3nodding
                    If I had extra money on hand I would, but not atm ; 3;

                    Care for a strawberry? User Image
hay hay hay it's fat inflation
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I'm pretty sure I'll be signing up!
I think it's a good idea~
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I'm actually in favor of this, although I won't use it.
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Shameless Enabler

I kind of really really hate this.

So as a user who buys Gaia Cash cards, I'm not being told I'm not worth the same loyalty rewards?
Instead of this BS that isolates anyone without a credit card or who refuses to use it on frivolous things, you should be creating a system that is actually a rewards program.

Something that keeps track of the Cash bought.
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to opt in or not.... hmmmm

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