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The Anime one.

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A. It's much too simple and doesn't really give any explaination of the site to new users. Too boring.

B. Again it's too boring but it does explain the site better than A.

C. This one is great and funny! It really shows Gaia's variety!

D. I like this one. It shows off the site very well!(even though I hate Twilight and harry potter)

E. One of my favorites! Incredible art, and I really think to would draw in new people.

F. This one really shows off some amazing avi's! I like it a lot!

G. I like this one because it shows off the different things you can do with your avi.

H. Even though it shows off out avi's it doesn't really say much about the site.

G. Same thing I said on H.

My favorites would have to be C-F. Great job on these Gaia!
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I like Option D - Home. It shows a lot that Gaia has to do and things you can get. It's colorful and informative. 3nodding

User Image"You May Say I'm A Dreamer"User Image
thanks for the post. I'm sure this will come in handy someday.
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I sorta like G o3o it explains a little more what you do on Gaia...............well, a little anyway xD
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I keep getting the very first one (A) when I log in, which is hilarious, since I've pretty much figured out how to use Gaia by now. xd (B) is equally boring, in my opinion. I think it emphasizes the account's progress without highlighting the community aspect of Gaia, which makes it seem lonely to me. I prefer the other options you've put up, most of which show several avatars.

I dislike the badass one (E); was that meant to be a "dark" version of the beloved mermaid one we used to have? I still miss that one. redface Is there any possibility of the mermaid returning?

I like avatar2 (F) (Great use of zOMG! background; very nice) and avatar3 (G). The ones featuring a Home (D, I) are also quite nice; however, it feels a bit odd to spotlight Homes when that code's rewrite isn't coming up for quite a while (as far as my AtA research skills can tell).

The blossom-hair girl in different outfits (G) would be pretty cool for new users, I think.Thanks for removing the real-life pictures of random people. Avatars only for Gaia. 3nodding

My favorite of this bunch is "Who are you really?" {Winner: H} That's brilliant! More like that, please. blaugh Another set of avatars could include a student/magical girl and a mage/fantasy character, which are types I see around the forums but I don't see in these samples. A doctor or clown or scientist or grand dame could also be included. This option combines the avatar experience with the community experience of interacting with other users who have an avatar, so it is my favorite. Plus, it's very nice-looking~! blaugh
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E is absolutely the best. More of that!

The rest are all atleast better than the ones we've had in the past dating back to when they had random arena winners appear in 06.
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I like ones that break away from the "This + that = profitz!" thing. I think the step-by-step approach is too formal for Gaia, which is supposed to be a teen- (and older) friendly crowd.

My favorite one probably is the "Who are you really?" page (avatar 4). It's a snippet of how much variety there is, plus it addresses the main selling point of Gaia - customizable avatars <3
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The anime front page was the best. Love the picture - and the badass caption.

I have spare time right now, so I think I'll keep hitting Refresh until that front page shows up again. mrgreen
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I like D. It shows the variety of Gaia and isn't very boring looking.
i like the anime one w/ the badass caption. but i havent yet seen it --i mostly see the first one of how to use gaia. i like all the art made for MCs, maybe those art can be used as a login page too--it will incite new gaians to want them along w/ different captions of course.
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A: Color scheme is nice, but the design is rather plain. Since people by nature cares more about the "results" rather than how one would get to the answer, the "community" message is almost hidden by the "get rich" message.

B: This one is better than A but it lacks life/kick. I would get rid of either the button or the headers since the two says the same thing, and having both would make things look redundant (and the two seems to be trying to outshine one another).

C: I like the bit of humor there. It is rather plain with the whole lack of border and color. The little text on the bottom gives off a good message about what Gaia has to offer, but it isn't all that noticeable (because of its location). If you could have it so that the avatars and text rotate like what we have (Big Red Button one), maybe it'll catch people's attention?

D: I like this one, it isn't too organized/boxy to make a person feel restricted. The message is straight to the point and vague enough to make a person want to explore Gaia. Neither plain, nor too detailed.

E: Nice art but... Big art is big... It turns me away. This one doesn't really tells you what Gaia has to offer either, so people will mistake Gaia to be limited to just anime interest groups. D:

F: I find the whole "walking steps" too childish or user friendly. It's as if I'm being led by the hand like a kid. I do like the varieties of avatars, and, the world-ish feel from the bg/plot-ish message though.

G: Eh, it's too bright and it places too much empathy on the "avatar" feature of Gaia. You want to let users know that Gaia is also a bit of a social networking site.

H: I like the variety of avatars, the bg, and the message. Similar to G, there's too much "avatar" and not enough message about other features.

I: -twitch- Sims.... -coughs- Advertising the Housing feature is not the way to go, especially when Gaia's housing system is really badly neglected. Similar to G and H, there's not enough info about the other features Gaia has to offer (mostly forums).
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A: Meh, too boring. I don't think I'd join a site that's front page looked like this.

B: Better than A, but still very plain. I think if you put this one up it should showcase some better items on the last avatar.

C: Nice tagline, it made me giggle. I like this one, but it's a bit plain. It could use some background color.

D: I really like this one, though the outside of the house is a bit plain. Other than that, I really like the avatars, they show off different kinds of items.

E: I also really like this one. The art is great, and I love the little cosplay avatar up in the corner. It doesn't say much about Gaia though, so if you're looking to inform potential users then you probably don't want to use this one.

F: I think the format on this is the best of them all. It shows potential users different items that aren't the cheap basic stuff and it gives them a bit of the how-to as well.

G: It's nice but I think F is better.

H: It's alright, and I like all the different avatars, but it doesn't say much about what Gaia is.

I: Nice and simple. I'm not a huge fan of the way the house is decorated, but that's me. Also, I must agree with Yen Quest, I don't think you should be showing off the House feature since it needs a major overhaul and hasn't had an update in ages.

And can you bring back that mermaid front page? I thought that one was really pretty and I know a lot of other people who do.
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My favorites are:

B: 3 things to do (Not my favorite, but if they're rotating I like it.)
F: avatars 2
G: avatars 3
H: avatars 4

I really like the idea of keeping them rotating because what pulls me in might not attract the next guy. A bit more focus on the forums might help each of these too. Gaia is forums and avatars. It's not WeeWorld. It's so much better than all the "competition" out there.

I have to admit it is hard to convey what Gaia is on a single splash page and advertising a concept as simple as a bunch of message boards might not seem attractive to the average teenager. Maybe your trying to lure them in with the graphics and then keep then here with the substance in the forums. That could work.

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