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I like the one in the towns House. Towns needs more people. And updates.

If you could combine the one talking about 10,000 items with the live one, that would be great. We don't need to know on the front page that someone is 'new,' pop that in there instead. (:

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why are you doing that causei like it that way

If you could combine the one talking about 10,000 items with the live one, that would be great. We don't need to know on the front page that someone is 'new,' pop that in there instead. (:

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I actually think it's more benefit if they keep the live as showing people whom are new... if you are new to the web site you will see how many people are signing up that same moment and it may draw more people into the web site. :3
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The new users popping up gives you a more of a "big community" feel. It either makes you shy away, or feel like you can fit in.

I think the latest log in page is the best one we have thus far. People hanging around to discuss things, a virtual world, big community, the arenas, and a chance to show what items Gaia have in store for your avatars... Cutting out the house/car/aquarium features might be for the best, because they're like branches connected to the "virtual world" feel.
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I don't know which one is best. None of them really seem to describe Gaia on there own. Maybe try to mix and match them together?
scream stressed sweatdrop heart xp whee wink sad surprised eek confused cool lol mad razz cry evil blaugh gonk i think u should add more colors to the front page.
Its just a suggestion
biggrin smile redface crying stare xd 3nodding
this is the most helpful criticism i can give you: dont get rid of the homepage login. i get addicted and slaphappy, and come to gaia... and im so tired i end up spending half an hour trying to find the page to login. keep the old front page login box. my firefox likes it. one button click. please.
I cannot choose from the list. Each has its own charm. I did dig the gaialive, that was cool.

Might I suggest random rotationals of all of the above? Then slipping in a new one is as easy as adding it to the stack. Let me be honest, that big red button page is getting old. Having random multiples would be fun and exciting. Just PLEASE keep the login box, as Firefox loves it.

I think it would be refreshing to see a new one each time I hit the site, as long as you keep the upper right hand area the same in each.

Again, the gaialive was kick-butt cool, when I saw it, I just sat there and stared in awe, as new users appeared, I wouldn't mind seeing that once inna while. I did actually see most of the list in a course of a few days, I thought it was cool to have a new prelog page every day. Rotation could be every couple hours, meaning you could put a small adspace and let us users RATE and see what we like and don't like, etc.

I would enjoy a rotational every few hours or so, even each day a different one, "Sponsored By: _____" would also allow ya to make money from ads as well as the Cash Cards. Just don't let the ad clients insist on much other than a tiny spotlight. Devs could even parody the ad clients for those with a sense of humor (April '09 was a SCREAM!!!), or make it change from a cookie setting or similar.

Keep up the great work, rotate the intro pages and give us some variety smile

Edit: OR, let us select (cookie setting) which one we want, you could find which one we all like by audits of the cookies...wow...I'm sounding like a coder again, Apologies!
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ok that was cool wat u say and, u can add me or you can get my gaia
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World page is very pretty.
Whoever did that art, its amazing.

Gaia live is ttly cool.
I love to stare at it. xD
I would like to see this outside of the sign up page somewhere!

And I dont know if its the right place to mention it, but I want to see how many users are online most the time.
Can you guys implement that?
Like.. maybe underneath our gold count.. or by the landing pages..?
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"thats what she said"
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A: I'm getting a little sick of seeing this. It's too simple in my opinion, and only covers a small (yet large) part of the site.
B: It sums it all up nicely, but that's about it.
C: Has potential, really plain but it's better than A.
D: If I were a newcomer really excited to have a virtual home, I'd be disappointed to find that they don't even work. It looks alright though.
E: This would be better suited for an offsite ad rather than the front page.
F: Probably my favorite, even if the majority of the items on those avatars are pretty expensive for the average Gaian.
G: Boring, especially if you're a guy.
H: No...just no....
I: Same thing about D, but this would be better for the World page rather than the Main.
J: Not as boring, but some of the features mentioned are old news.
K: Very beautiful, and I prefer it as a regular member over the rest, but if you're trying to get new members it's not very effective.
L: Again, boring, especially if you're a guy. Also very disappointing to a newcomer that they have to shell out real money or work for hours and hours just to get an avatar like that. Being an avatar maker myself most of the ones used in these ads weren't that good anyway, though are very pricey nontheless.
M: Cool feature, but not something I'd want to wait to load every time I go to sign in.
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i'm just going to give some general advice, since none of those really appeal to me

it's best to show off a variety of avatars, with gender balance applied to them. you want to appeal to as many people as possible, both male and female, from all cliques and in all ages. i suggest a contest where people submit their avatars to go on the front page - no names or labels, of course

simplicity is good, but you might want to replace the gradient background with a shot from zOMG, or a piece of art, or something interesting to look at. ART is a big facet of our community. maybe display some art from the latest rig in some sort of image rotator?

show your best
housing is a deadend mess right now, so having it in the front page doesn't make sense. advertise working and active features and new members won't find themselves disappointed with what they signed up to participate in, you know?

you should also put in a statistic covering how many posts have been submitted in the forums in the last 24 hours. the one thing i see our members saying they appreciate the most is our active and diverse community, so you should, you know, let people know about it somehow
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C: avatars
K: world


H: avatars 4
L: avatars 5

Makes Me Uncomfortable:

M: gaia live

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