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I have seen a couple. Here is my feedback on them (sorry for the messed up order ^^; )

(J: Chat) One of them has the line 'What do you have to say for yourself?' This translates to 'What is your excuse?' Of course the guy dressed up like a guard saying 'I like Twilight' is hilarious. But the line seems a bit off.

(A: how-to) This is my least favorite of all of them. Because it makes it look like Gaia has not much to offer and that posting in the forums is the best way to earn gold.

(F: avatars 2) I have also seen one about taking your stand: light vs dark. But the light side looks just as dark as the dark side. So it looks like the dark has taken over rofl
I'm still a fan of the Huge Button login page.

(K:world) I don't think this looks anything like Gaia. Of course the image is appealing but it might set the expectations too high.

(E: anime) From the new ones I think this one is the best. I think most Gaians enjoy anime. Even though the avatar doesn't look exaclty like the drawing, it's most appealing from all of them. maybe there should be a 'light'/angelic version of this one. Instead of the F; avatars 2 light vs dark idea.
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In regards to K

Repost from other thread
Well, yes, the picture is nice, but as a front page, I don't like it. I always judge front pages by how I would feel about them if I had never been on Gaia before. The front page is usually your first impression of the site and I always want that impression to reflect what the site is really like. This picture doesn't give an accurate impression for me, not to mention there is no information on it, just a join link, which I always hate when sites do. I'm not going to go through the trouble of making an account if I have no clue what your site is like!

Also, there didn't appear to be a link to the any of the other pages on Gaia from that front page. Another thing I hate. Same reason as above. A pretty picture with no information will not make me join. It will irritate me and make me specifically not join.

It's all well and good for us who already use the site to appreciate a nice picture for the front page, but if I was coming to the site for the first time and I saw only that, I would probably not join.

(Disregard the striked through portion, I now think the picture I first saw for the front page was just scrolled down, so you couldn't see the links.)

See, my problem is, the art, while very nice, does not give an accurate impression of Gaia. It doesn't even look like a forum and gives no impression of avatars or gold. If I saw that picture I'd probably think Gaia was like Fairyland or something. And be confused when I found out what Gaia really is. (If I ever found out, that is.)

Personally, my favorite front page will always be the one I signed up with. You made your entire avatar right on the front page, no sign up link to do it, it was just there for you to play around with. You could sit there for a long time putting different avatars together. I loved it. I had already been to the forums and I needed to have one of these awesome avatars, which is why I signed up, but that front page was my first taste of how awesome Gaia itself is.
Regarding A: Simple How-to
I think it does not look decent. Plain ugly, in fact. D: Unprofessional, and the colors clash. The wording is quite crude and sounds like it promotes greed or something. And there certainly are more fun things to do on Gaia than "browse forum + post comment" (which I think meant posting replies in the forum...) to get gold. It's a shame that people who came here for the first time may get the wrong idea, and that doesn't do the whole site any justice. I think it could scarcely impress anyone. It's sort of embarrassing to see. ); Please never stick to this one!
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I loved your Big Red Button. But of these, I absolutely think the one you call "World" is a bad idea. That is NOT what Gaia looks like at all! People who joined for that would be disappointed. As for the others, while I do enjoy dressing up, "showing off" isn't really the end point for most of us. It's expressing ourselves visually as well as verbally in threads or towns.
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. . .

E and K are my favourite.....besides the original gaia page emo

. . .
I especially love all of the avatar ones, the first and last (C and L) being my favorites of them. I like C because the white makes it look very clean and modern, like what it seems like you're trying to do with Gaia. And I like L because the avatars all look nice, and it goes up in a diagonal (dumb reason, but I like it~).
"showing off" isn't really the end point for most of us. It's expressing ourselves visually.

I second this! Many of us dress up when we want to be creative, not to show off.

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