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Some of you may have already noticed a new front page on Gaia before you log in. We have had various front pages in the past, but over the next few weeks we are planning to try out a whole bunch of different ideas about how to show visitors what Gaia is really like; so if you haven't seen something different yet, you probably will!

We are coming up with new ideas as well as adapting old ones, and a key part of this is getting your feedback about which images, taglines, and concepts you feel capture Gaia the best.

We are also testing out some different layouts, which might mean that you don't see the same header or don't see the same navigation bar before logging in. We are trying to make sure that most of the existing users see the "normal" version, but if you use a public computer like at a school or library you might see the layout changes.

if you want to ask questions about the process, give your own ideas, or provide feedback on the concepts you are in the right thread!

Here is a list of all the front pages we are trying, plus some previews of ones coming soon, so that you don't have to refresh your browser a bunch to see them all. It'll also help to use the letter or page name in your feedback about a specific page.

A: simple how-to
B: 3 things to do
E: anime (updated spelling of badass)
F: avatars 2
G: avatars 3
H: avatars 4
I: home 2
J: chat
K: world
L: avatars 5
M: gaia live (this shows random real users who are doing stuff on the site for 1 second each)

note: please be constructive! some of these are meant to be short-term tests and are not 100% done! We will also keep adding to the list over the next few weeks, partly based on your suggestions.
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RULES: dude, don't spam the thread with emotes or non-opinions. this is not the place to post for gold (go to chatterbox!)
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Ive seen some of them already, some make me laugh.(In a good way mind you.) I am glad to see more colors coming in to play on the front pages. It would take me forever to vote individually for them. But all in all solid 9, I rarely give tens even to myself. biggrin
A. Too simple, we're too old for that.

B. Nicer, but still a bit simple.

C. Has potential, but I'm really just not feeling it

D. Is really cute, gives a nice and different feel to it, but I kinda hate seeing uber-expensive items on the homepage, it makes me feel like if I were a newbie I'd feel disappointed.

E. I'm not into anime, but the art is nice, simple, clean, and fun. Doesn't say much about the site, though.

F. Perfect. Shows off zOMG and parts of the site, best one I've seen in a long time.

G. Nice, but it seems a bit old-fashioned.

H. Is really nice, better than the Anime one, but doesn't say much about the site, either.

I. Meh, who really uses homes that much anyway?
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i like them and you should advertise gaia cosplays like (naruto,bleach and other anime)
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A.) I thought the "How to use Gaia" was cute and simple, and was a good example of the two extremes you can do with the avatars. However... It seems almost too simple.

B.) (You will find out here that avatars are a big deal for me XD) Okay, I really love the idea behind this one, but... ehhh, if I was a new user, and I saw that, I would lose interest in the website pretty quickly and move on. Nothing is really interesting to look at

C.) I love the crap out of this one, and if pirula gets the rotating avatar thing like she mentioned, this is excellent! It's a little bit too simple, but it shows Gaia's sense of humor, the variety of things the users can come up with in our avatars... Excellent all in all.

D.) This is another great one, but... Seeing those logos kind of turns me off, even though you used a variety of them.

E.) No comment about the avatar, you already get how picky I am XD That aside - badass front page, seriously pirate

F.) Ohhey, I know six of those people! 8D *ahem* Loooove it! You effectively previewed the zOMG environment, the overall environment of Gaia, the variety of avatars you can do.... This is a good one!

G.) Awww, that hair, that hair, so cute XD Another good avatar-based one that shows off the environment, and I like how this one uses a mix of MCs, EIs, and cheap items instead of being heavy on either one of the three 3nodding

H.) Graphically, this looks messy. And.... I'm not sure how you would smooth it out, but... Again, nice job in showing more of the variety in avatars 3nodding

I.) I like it, I like it 3nodding

Soo... Addressing my pickiness with the avatars being shown: I prefer it when you guys show user-made avatars that are well-put together, and are a healthy mix of common items and cash shop items - because it looks good, which is attractive, and newcomers won't be too disappointed when they see which items are common, and which ones aren't.
Please, please read this thread: Gaia's true selling point. Some of your creative and marketing team have already found it inspirational. You seem to be going in the right direction already.

A: simple how-to
Simple, yes. But it doesn't encapsulate Gaia as well as it's trying to. Posting comments and browsing forums are two sides of the same coin, and that coin is only one of many in Gaia's pocket. Maybe if you look for broader themes about what you can become on Gaia? Not just what you can do.

B: 3 things to do
Still over-simplified, but I like the mission statement at the top. "Your terms, your world, your way." Now that is an encapsulating message. The 3 boxes are a little bit closer to that message, but are still lacking. "Customization" is the one that peaks interest, because it sounds different than terms like speak up and hang out which get thrown around everywhere. It leaves nothing to the imagination, when you try to define Gaia in too simple a terms, it may leave people thinking "oh, is that it?".

I love this one. It shows Gaia's humor, and it's unique. That number really is surprising. Some might say it lacks color, but the extreme nature of those avatars are impacting on their own. They draw you in with something different. Its like I said before, people either want a broad message, or something incredibly focused; like this one. Can't throw too much out there or it all falls flat.

I don't really like this one. Showing real avatars as apposed to ones made to look like irl people is good, but it feels childish like the first two. The people you bring in from this aren't the kind to stick around. It says too much at once, which makes it say nothing at all. I think each page should focus on one thing that will really tap into an audience.

E: anime
This is exactly what I was talking about. One image, one line. Both way more intriguing than the everyday social networking things on the other pages. It's also tapping into the selling point. Becoming something you can't normally be. Creating whatever you that you want to be.

F: avatars 2
This one is directly Gaia related, but still gives a simple message. The right message: Show your true nature. You show a 3 step process, but it's focused on one thing. Dressing up to show off whatever style you chose. This is a good direction to take.

G: avatars 3
I don't like the phrasing with gazillions, but I can see who the message is tailored to. I like that she has the same hair and eyes, but changes who she is in each avatar. That's something unique to Gaia. I also like that you weren't afraid to use the word "cosplay" which will resonate with a specific audience, one that goes well with Gaia.

H: avatars 4
I'm starting to think you've already read the thread I suggested. wink The presentation is a little unpolished, but it's clear cut and it will spark interest. I like the one line message as I've said.

I: home 2
The image is on the right track, but the message is the same old thing. See the words you used: "Friends" "Hang out" "Games". The message you're getting across is that they should do the things they probably do on a facebook or myspace, but at Gaiaonline. It's funny how the house is bland solid colors, and the text box at the top is the same. But on top of it are colorful, lively avatars. They don't fit together. It's like you're using the template of another site and trying to throw Gaia's avatars on top. You don't need to. Gaia can sell itself on it's own merits. You don't need to hide it behind the common social networking phrases. Sure you can do those things here, but it isn't what makes Gaia unique.


Possible concepts:

"Be a part of something big."

Instead of trying to show Gaia in it's most basic format, why not advertise the fact that it's huge? And that almost anyone with a taste for adventure could find their niche. The art could just be a bunch of NPCs, or a ton of avatars all saying different things. You could throw up some of Gaia's stats; How many users, how many items, the thousands of guilds, the massive forum. All waiting for you to be a part of it. A broad message, instead of trying to dumb it down enough to be spoon fed.

"Create the inner you."

This is the opposite, incredibly focused. It could consist of two images, a boy and a girl (drawn, not real images). They could have their hands extended with their palms out, each holding an avatar the complete opposite of themselves. Or they could be standing next to a drawn version of their inner selves. Around it you could put your usual blurbs about how you can express the inner you on the website (linking the message with the site), but the message would be clear on it's own.

Some of your pages touch on this ("Who are you really?" "Show your true nature" ) but you have yet to come out and say it. CREATE A NEW YOU!

Those are some really nice concepts ..^^

I myself prefer the ones focusing on the avatar aspect of the site

Especially C (because also shows gaia´s sense of humour ) F (it shows the avatars in it´s surroundings and isn´t as plain a C ....on top thatI find the line rather appealing)

the avatar system is what distingiuishes gaia from other internet sites so show it off ^^

In general I find most of those newer hompages more appeling then the current one

the only thing I think is lacking is a page showing that Gaia is a world with it´s own unique characters (and storyline) .....unfortunately I don´t have a concept in mind how to show it of nicely .....

that´s it form me

PS: sorry I didn´t give detailed feedback to each new concept
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I joined Gaia because of the avatars. That was what sold the site for me, so I think they're important things to have on the front page. As Darc said, it's the ability to be someone different on Gaia and dress up however you want that makes Gaia so amazing. I'm glad to see that you're moving away from using avatars that are just copies of yourself in real life to avatars that people actually use on Gaia.

Maybe a good thing would be to go through some of the avatar arena winners and use those on the homepage. Some of them are absolutely amazing.
Edit: I was just looking through some of them and noticed that at least one of the avis in C was an avi arena winner. Looks like you're way ahead of me. xp

A: simple how-to
I like simplicity, but this seems a little impersonal.

B: 3 things to do
This is a little better, but I don't like the starter avis.

This is one of my favorites. It's simple (no background), which makes the avatars and text stand out. It also is nice in that shows how much Gaia has to offer (in terms of items).

I like this one in that you actually used real avatars from real people (I can actually recognize Legend's xd ) It's also good that it shows some of the different features that Gaia offers. The only thing is that I think of Gaia as more of a place to make friends than just to "chat about what I love." And the backdrop: no one really uses houses. (do they? xp )

E: anime
This one is good in that if it was an advertisement on some other site, it would make me want to click it and find out more. But I don't think it would work well on the homepage to get people to join since it doesn't really describe anything about Gaia.

F: avatars 2
I like this. Good avatars, shows the individuality of Gaians, nice layout.

G: avatars 3
This is another good concept, but seems to me that it'd be more likely to attract 9 year old girls than anything. xD

H: avatars 4
Love this one, shows off lots of avatars and displays the individuality of Gaians.

I: home 2
Pretty good, but again, like Galv said, no one really uses houses.
hmmm to tell you the truth i dont like the how to first page.umm...because its telling new users that GAIA is about making money instead of connecting yourselves with other people and expressing your inner self or doing things you cant do in real life.I
I really like the new front pages. They are really fun to see (like the one with the big red button, it made me laugh) User Image

A: just too simple & boring I think.
B: looks better, but still, boring and too simple.
C: This one is not bad. But somehow, the white BG looks too boring. I really like the avatars, tho.
D: Something different. I think I haven't seen a homepage with home in it here on gaia. Makes it look different.
E: Lol, made me laugh. But it doesn't reflect the site. But I like the concept, tho.
F: I like this one. The avis are good and the concept. Also it shows ZOMG, which is good.
G: This is something I remember, when I have just signed in gaia. There was a homepage with same avi, but different outfits. I like it. Reminds me of old times... (:
H: Kinda interesting, but it doesn't reflect the site, just like the E.
I: I like this one. But there is written say something, and I think that some avi's should say something flexible and funny (just like the avis on the homepage with the big button 'press it')
I think you make a good point with this one, good advertisement, but not the best for the homepage.


E: anime
This one is good in that if it was an advertisement on some other site, it would make me want to click it and find out more. But I don't think it would work well on the homepage to get people to join since it doesn't really describe anything about Gaia.

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