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Dapper Lunatic

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O3O That looks promisingly fun >W< Can't wait!
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Original Gaian

A mysterious window into the world of Gaia Head Quartres; where the magical nerf foam trumps both sword and pen in miraculous battle, where Cashmere Cactus burns the very script with their fervent gaze, meticulous in speech and character mannerisms. Hark! It is Lanzer Liu, hunting about for a keyboard to get to work on the engraving system, regretting the very promotion moving him away from his beloved.

Also, "Yay" goes the crowd of onlookers.
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Angelic Prophet

Fun twisted
I'll be there.
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Hopefully it won't be boring.
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Sounds fun! biggrin
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cool heart
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Magic Hunter

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Ooh... and Friday's my day off. Nice. pirate
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Blessed Defender

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Count me in on this one xD
nice, sounds fun whee
i like to join cry but i cant crying crying
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User Image

I'll try to catch this!
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Romantic Genius

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Sure no problemo. Sounds exciting. biggrin
sounds fun hope to see it 4laugh

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