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Gaia News & Updates Rules & Guidelines

Welcome to the Gaia News & Updates forum! This forum is intended for Gaia Staff to communicate a variety of things like bug fixes, minor feature enhancements, things that happen at Gaia HQ, and much more!

As a member, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the forum's rules before posting. Posting in this forum implies that you read and understand the rules and guidelines and that you accept responsibility for the appropriateness of your thread or post.

  1. Introduction
  2. Rules & Guidelines for Posting: How to Post in This Forum
  3. General Posting Guidelines
  4. How to Report
Rules & Guidelines for Posting: How to Post in This Forum

This forum is intended to be the home forum for Gaia Staff to post Gaia news, updates, changes, and more! Since it is a central depository for all things Gaia, you will find that only Staff can create new threads here. We do this in order to keep the forum organized. Some threads will be open for feedback, so here are a few tips...

Posting Feedback:
In some threads, we will actively ask for your comments and feedback. It's really helpful if we can get some details from you to support why you love or hate something we do on Gaia.

Example 1:
Love this feature!
While it's great to know that you love it, it would be hugely helpful to know WHY you love it.

Example 1 Expanded:
I love this feature because it helps me communicate more effectively with my friends on Gaia. The new wingding button is the best part of it!
In this case, we know what you love and why you love it and that's really helpful for us to know. The more you share, the more we learn about what works and what doesn't work for you.

How to Submit Feedback If You Can't Post in a Thread:
Many of the threads in this forum are read only, meaning it is not possible to post a reply. If you wish to post Site Feedback or Bug Reports & Technical Support threads please post them appropriately in their respective threads (make sure to read the forums rules before posting!)

Be Sure to Subscribe:
Find the thread that addresses the issues you are most interested in staying informed on, click to enter that thread, scroll down to the very bottom-left corner and click the "Subscribe to Topic" button. Any time that thread is updated you will be alerted via the "My Gaia" page feeds.

You can also see the update via "Shortcuts"->"Subscribed Threads" located at the top of the site as well as "Community"->"Forums"->"My Thread Subscriptions" from the navigation bar.
General Posting Guidelines

Please be sure to follow the Terms of Service and Rules and Guidelines here, as in all forums.

Common violations to avoid:

  • Flaming & trolling. Posts directed at another member which are hateful, abusive, or intentionally inflammatory are considered flaming. Making intentionally inflammatory or provocative posts to incite responses from other members is considered trolling.

  • Spam. Posts that are gibberish, off-topic, contain advertisements or begging, or have low or no content are considered spam. Please ensure that your posts are on topic and contain an appropriate amount of discussable content.

  • Bumping.Threads on the first page do not require bumping, and this forum can move more slowly than others. Please only bump if your question or request for assistance has gone unanswered and fallen off the first page of the forum. Excessive bumps may be deleted.

Terms of Service violations may result in a warning or a ban on your account.

If you find Terms of Service violations, or threads that may need moved to a different forum, please use an appropriate report. The procedures for doing so can be found here.

You can find online moderators by following the "View Forum Moderators" link at the top of the forum.

Gaia Staff will NEVER ask for your password! If anyone asks you for your password, report it.
How to Report

Abuse of the report system will result in a warning or ban of your account.

Report a Post

Use the User Image button when an individual post in a topic contains inappropriate content.

    Reasons to Report a Post:

    • The content of the post violates the Terms of Service or forum rules.

    • The content of the post is off-topic.

    • The member who made the post has a signature which violates the rules.

Report a Topic

Use the Report this Topic button at the bottom of the page when a topic is not appropriate for the forum.

    Reasons to Report a Topic:

    • The topic violates the Terms of Service or forum rules.

    • The topic is in the wrong forum and should be moved to a more appropriate forum.

If you need to contact a moderator via Private Message, please use the "View Forum Moderator" link at the top of this forum to find a moderator.

Report Hacking, Scamming or Abuse & Harassment?

The Hacking, Scamming and Abuse or Harassment report forms can be found at the bottom of the forum index. When submitting a report, ensure that you fill out all fields and include as much relevant information as possible.

    Report A Hacking
    Use this form to report a Hacking. Hacking, on Gaia Online, refers to the unauthorized access of an account by someone other than the account owner. In most typical hacking cases, an unauthorized person enters an account which does not belong to him or her and takes items or gold from the account, often changing the account information so that the original owner can no longer access his or her account.

    Report A Scamming
    Use this form to report a Scamming. Scamming is when another member of Gaia takes your gold or items, or tries to take your gold or items, by making false promises of giving you rare items, get-rich-quick schemes, or by any other deceptive means. Scamming generally involves a situation in which two members of Gaia make an arrangement to trade gold, items, or a Gaia approved service (e.g. avatar art commission) with each other and then one of the parties involved in the arrangement fails to live up to his or her promise of an exchange.

    Report Abuse or Harassment
    Use this form to report ongoing Abuse or Harassment. If you are reporting harassment or abuse that is occurring directly in a thread, please use the "Report This Post" button instead.

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