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Time to start the questioning for next month's Gaia Insider! In our next edition, we'll be speaking with Fleep, Gaia's large-headed developer virtuoso. If you've got a question for the man responsible for coding a huge swath of Gaia, including many events and sponsorship-related things, your golden opportunity has arrived! Fleep has generously agreed to tackle some of your most probing inquiries and shed some light on the inner workings of Gaia.
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Do you have a favorite genere of music? WHOO! FIRST IN LINE!
Hi Fleep, my question is what's your favorite soda

LOL 2nd

And I'm Chemra I'm awesome and I say hi to my friends on CB blaugh
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What was your favorite event to create?
what realy makes you so angry u want 2 rip your hair out xp
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Hey Fleep, I have a question for you. Do you think you could make an anime week here on gaia? You now, with cosplaying and everything.
what kind of music do u like to listen to? confused
Where do you get inspiration, or ideas for what to create?
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What has been your favorite project on Gaia?
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Hmm, a good question...How hard is it to work on a Gaia event?
How did you come up with your name? It's rather...unique.

EDIT: First page wooo!
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My question is:

What inspired you to become a programmer for Gaia in the first place?

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User ImageUser ImageI have a few questions...

Do you often wear the long rocker curl wig at work? surprised
Which is your favorite forum on Gaia and why?
Which was your favorite project to work on while at Gaia?
What did you do before you joined the Gaia team?
Will you eMarry me? heart User Image

What's been is your favorite candy, and why?


First page.
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what is better pie or cake and also is it hard working on gaia

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