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Was it hard to make a event or a official event like the Demonbuster event?
What was the highest amount of gold you have gotten and what did you do with it?
eek do you have a hobby if so what is it? eek
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How would you describe your job, Hard, Easy, Fun, or zzzzzz *snore*?
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I want to know if you have ever met Lanzer in person and if so, what was the experience like?

Also, Coco or Kiki?
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Unbeatable Prophet

What should users that want to become part of Gaia's staff do to made that dream a reality?
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Does the Fleepiness run in the family?

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Divine Faun

What got you started in coding for virtual worlds and games?

How many angry "glitch" posts do you receive daily? I mean, the irrationally irate kind like, "ZomG GET ON YOUR JOBZZZZ!!! O:<" kind of stuff.

Are there any projects and events you regret creating?
How would one go about getting a job at GAIA HQ? smile
Are you in charge of Rally? If you are could you tell me what's happening with rally rightnow. I hear stories of people getting hacked there all the time. Rumor or truth? Last time I was there it asked for my login in info to get my car? Was that supposed to happen??? If you're not in charge of rally please disregard this question.
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ive noticed wen some announcments come out and the avi that shows up has items ive nvr seen before does gaia make items just for those avis if so i think it would be a kool event if u realeased some of sed items wat do u think of this
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Does the anonymous data collected from Gaia members' movements go into a big central database for research use?
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Where would you go on vacation and why?

How would you describe yourself most of the time?

May I bake you cupcakes? xD
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Beloved Bloodsucker

How do you de-stress after that maddening crunch to get events out on time and finish slaying all the glitches? Is alcohol involved? Or just large amounts of chocolate?
I actually have a few.
1st, What inspired you to join Gaia?
2nd, How was the Domo-Kun invented?
3rd, What is your favorite color?
4th, Have you ever had a High-School crush? If so, who is she/he?
5th, What is your usual for work?
6th, What are your hopes for most of the Gaians?
7th, If I wanted to be a Moderator, what would I have to do?
8th, Is it awesome working for Gaia?
9th, Has Simone ever given you a cookie? If so, what flavor was it?
10th, Do you play any other online games? (IE; Wonderland Online, Runescape, ect.
11th, Who designs the Monthly Collectibles?
12th, How well do you know siskataya?
13th, What is your office like?
14th, Why do I have all these questions? Are you alright with answering these?
15th, What was your most EMBARESSING moment in your life?
16th, Have you ever worn a skirt, JUST to see what it feels like?
17th, Have you ever accadentally eaten a fish while you were blindfolded in a kitchen? If so, what did it taste like? If not, would you try it?
18th, Have you ever been on a bus, and out of pure random, shouted out something extremely funny? (IE; Moo, Quack, Pajina, Mangina, ect.) If so, what did you say?
19th, Do you think I could become a Mod someday?
20th, Have you ever sat on a chocolate bar, and walk around ALL day in public without noticing it was there until you met up with a friend who said, 'Hey, did you crap? Or is that just a Hershey's Bar?

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