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why did you guys make the clam the good guy for the halloween event?
What is your favorite event ever and why?
I ask "What is it like to work for gaia?"
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What is your most favorite thing about Gaia?
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Where do you get your inspiration for the Gaia events?
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if you could, would you make a event that give's gaians gold when you finish a mission?
What kind of storyline would you like to see most on Gaia?

If you could have any one feature/game implemented right now, without having to actually work on it, what would you want?
How much has Gaia changed your life?
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Why were you interested in working for Gaia?
What fuels the Fleepiness?
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I was wondering. Have you ever had an idea for an event, but it wasn't possible because more advanced programming was needed, or some sort of other problem? If so, what would it have been like? What would you have needed to make it reality? Do you think it'll be possible in the future?

If you could switch places with any mod/admin for any reason at all, which person would it be, and what would be the reason for it?

What do you hope to accomplish in the near future? The distant future?
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What's your favorite item?
Did you ever have any trouble thinking up events?
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" Is it fun to be a developer?
- Arsenic "

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