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awesome :U
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Go Admin Team Go
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7th pages poor page here so have a nice day all

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i got on here because my brother played it all the time and i never had anything 2 do surprised talk2hand
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Probably too late to ask this, but I'm gonna try anyway. Here goes:

Have you ever banned someone by mistake? If so, how would someone go about getting their account back? I've heard of things like this happening on others sites I belong too, where people just get banned for no reason or some ridicoloius reesons. Haven't heard of that happening here yet, but perhaps I should get out more. biggrin

Oh and what are your 3 fav PS3 games?

oh ya that happened to my friend, chicklet chick on gaia she still doesn't know why she was banned, she didn't do any thing!!
heart WE LOVE YOU Siskataya! heart
Then there was the one girl who had her sanity stolen and wanted us to return it.

Bahahahahahaha. That is the greatest complaint ever! Not sure how to help her though.
Awesome, I love reading about you guys! You really are amazing and great and help people out so much more so and beyond gaia :3
this is so kewl! crying cry sad confused 3nodding smile surprised biggrin lol
Best Kakashi Cosplay EVER!!
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Sounds like the best job ever.....that last question made up my mind, can't get any better than nerf wars in the office. ^^
hey!!!!!!!!! im just doin this to get gold!!!!!!!! XD
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wow! how inspiring! smile

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