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ZOMG! I LOVE HELL GIRL AND DEATHNOTE!!! YOU RULE ^ _ ^ 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh

you should watch
Full Metal Alchemist and Vampire Knight awsell 3nodding 4laugh
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IMPORTANT~Going to change your avi, only to find it's wearing something you'd never think of wearing? Don't freak, it seems that it's just a glitch O_OUser Image

XD Man, working for gaia sounds like a dream! I pwn at nerf wars >D

Then again, I don't think I could handle all the responsibility it takes to be a mod or an admin. @~@ Too much power and responsibility. I really envy you guys for being able to handle all that and still bring the banhammer down on scammers and hackers ^__^

I'm back, baby >:3
Yet another great interview. Keep em' coming!
awsome heart
awesome iwanted to be interviewed and i will. surprised biggrin smile
i want to do thisa every single day!!!!!!!
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awesome job. xd xd biggrin biggrin
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Nice interview
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Great interview 3nodding
thats awesome cool smile
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"Smite some hackers, scammers, and botters"
Lol! XD If i was a mod i would do the same. A noob less gaia is more fun then people hacking, scamming and gettin free gold from bots.

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